How To Have A Successful Relationship Break

It's been some time since my last relationship and, to be quite honest, I'm OK with that. It's not that I don't want to be with someone. But after my last relationship, I learned that it's better to wait until something is right than to force it to stick together. In my last relationship, we agreed to take a break and never ended up getting back together. Because of that, I've always wondered how to have a successful relationship break.

Since my ex and I ended up calling it quits a week into our break, I think it's important to make sure that you are really working on the things you need to if breaks are up on the table. Prior to my ex and I agreeing to take a break, I was never really a believer in them. I always thought that taking a break resulted in a break up. And although that was the case in my previous relationship, that's not the case for everyone. I've actually met plenty of people who have taken breaks and have come back to their relationship better, stronger, and more in love than before.

So, if you need some ways to keep your relationship moving when you're on a break, these 11 tips will help.


Take The Time Apart To Really Better Yourself

It's easy to either wallow in self pity when on a break or live a little wildly. But the point of your break is to work on the things that you need to be the best you when your relationship resumes.


Learn More About Your Loved One

How is the friendship between you and your significant other? Should you be working on that during your break? Try learning a little more about your partner while on break to make your bond much stronger when together.


Don't See Other People

The Huffington Post noted that taking a break doesn't mean you should be seeing other people. Taking a break is taking time apart, not spending time with someone else.


Discuss The Progress Of The Break

According to Psychology Today, when on break, you should be discussing the progress of your break. If communication completely stops, you are now dealing with a break up — not just a break.


Refocus On Your Happiness

When my ex-boyfriend and I took a break, one of the most important things to me was to try to refocus on the things that made me happy. I felt that by doing this, I would be able to be happier in the relationship because I wasn't solely relying on that to be my happy.


Establish When The Break Will End

Glamour noted the importance of establishing an end date to your break. The length of the break will depend on the things you wish to work on, but having the discussion on whether or not you will continue your relationship has to happen after.


Stick To The Boundaries That You've Set

During the break my ex and I went on, we made it a point to establish a few boundaries. That can range from if you'll to to if you'll be allowed to see other people. Whatever the boundaries are that you choose to establish with your partner, be sure to stick to them so that you don't damage the relationship even further.


Be Honest With Yourself About How You Feel

Psychology Today noted that taking a break is an opportunity for you to be honest about your feelings. A break is a chance for you and your significant other to embrace the space given to focus on assessing your feelings in the relationship. Successful breaks help you to learn that you are happier and growing better when you are with your partner.


Don't Go Back Into Your Relationship Routine

Glamour also noted that in order to not jump back into your relationship routine, you should stay social during the break. Instead of wallowing in your feelings, get up and get out with a few friends. Find ways to keep your spirits high and remain positive.


Don't Talk Negatively About Your Partner

One key thing that I learned during my break was that you have to steer clear of talking negatively about your partner. Because when you decide to get back with them, those people have not necessarily forgiven them, too.


Remind Yourself What's Important

Going on a break doesn't have to always end in a break. If you love someone, you have to remind yourself why the relationship is important. Ask yourself if the things that you are fighting about are worth ending your relationship. If not, go back to the basics and work on strengthening your bond.