How To Have Multiple Orgasms & Make The Most Of A Romp

When it comes to certain things — like self tanner and perfume — less is definitely more. But sometimes life gives you the gift of more, and you'd be foolish not to indulge. For example, just by being born with two X chromosomes, you're body knows how to have multiple orgasms, which is a perfect argument for the case of more is more. It just goes to show that Mae West knew what she was talking about when she coined the phrase, "too much of a good thing can be wonderful."

Unfortunately for the fellas, men need a break between orgasms. But the opposite is true for the ladies. As the International Society For Sexual Medicine notes, women don't experience a refractory period — which is a fancy way to say downtime between Os — and that gives them the ability to climax in succession, with no end in sight. So go ahead and buy yourself a bright shiny cape, because I say that's as close as human will ever get to any superpower.

If you're ready to see where your body can take its pleasure, try out these nine ways to have multiple orgasms, and you'll never utter the phrase "one and done" for the rest of your life.


Train Your Brain

Your mind may already be setting limits on your Os without your permission. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, flip the mental switch to have multiple orgasms by simply believing you can. Believing your body is meant to do this will set you up for pleasure on repeat.


Slow Your (Partner's) Roll

Building up to a series of orgasms takes a little time, but once you get your motor running you can cross the finish line over and over. To hit your stride, Shape magazine recommended focusing on a some glorious foreplay to hit that first climax. As you keep going, so with the Os.


Do Some Experimenting

To find out what makes you explode, dive into some solo research. Spending some quality time with your vibrator can help you notice what type of stimulation leads you to orgasm, according to Women's Health magazine. This will help you guide your partner the next time your ready for a romp (and more than one orgasm).


Kegels For The Win

Work out those pelvic floor muscles by doing your daily sets of kegels. Studies have shown that women who have control over PC muscles have a better chance of achieving multiple orgasms, according to Redbook magazine's website.


Keep An Open Mind

A little exploring between the sheets could be the key that unlocks your parade of Os. As sex therapist Kimberly Sharky told Refinery 29, if you are more open to trying new things, the more likely you are to discover what does and doesn't work for you and your orgasm.


Get Some Shut Eye

Having trouble racking up orgasms? It could be because you're too sleepy. According to Health Central, "experiencing multiples is limited by your lack of sleep." So resting up before your next sex sesh might be the best excuse to nap of all time.


Don't Stop

Once you reach that first O, your level of arousal drops. As Everyday Health pointed out, when your arousal drops to zero, it's much harder to get it back up to the point of climax again. Keep the stimulation active if you want to keep the pleasure coming.


Activate All Zones

If you want more than one orgasm, you may have to call on more than one pleasure zone at the same time. Take this tip from Prevention magazine, that recommended stimulating two or more feel good spots at once to help you experience a series of Os in a row.


Locate Your G-Spot

The G-Spot is as mysterious as it is pleasurable. While some doctors deny it's existence, other sexual health professionals swear to it's whereabouts. Although slightly different for each women, the G-Spot refers to a small patch of rough skin found close to the opening of the vagina, as Women's Day magazine reported. This spot is the magic potion of orgasms, and like the clitoris, can be stimulated again and again for unending pleasure.