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How To Help Child Victims In Kabul

At least 90 people were killed and hundreds more were wounded after a massive suicide bomb hidden in a sewage tanker reportedly ripped through Afghanistan's capital early Wednesday. Multiple news outlets reported that most of the casualties were civilians, including women who were out shopping and children on their way to school. While government officials and world leaders try to grapple with what is said to be the deadliest attack in months, it’s important not to forget about the nation’s most innocent and the many ways you can help the child victims of the Kabul blast — because they need support now more than ever.

Afghanistan's war has taken a horrible toll on its children as they are “increasingly bearing the brunt of the bloody conflict,” according to Human Rights Watch. In the aftermath of such a disaster like the explosion in Kabul, medical supplies, relief aid, clothing, food, and fresh drinking water are more limited than before. In fact, hospitals in Kabul are struggling to treat children caught in the crossfire because they lack these vital resources.

According to Save the Children, Afghanistan children face one of the worst chances of survival of anywhere in the world for a variety of reasons and increased resources of daily necessities can help families rebuild their lives.

To help provide relief for the children caught in the middle of the deadly war, you might consider donating to an aid group that can bring this type of support to those in need.

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For example, you can make a donation to either UNICEF or Save the Children, both of which have provided aid to the country for decades. Or there are the lesser-known groups like EMERGENCY, an Italian non-governmental organization that provides free health care to these war victims, or the German aid group Welthungerhilfe, which has had a major presence in Afghanistan for many years, having run mobile clinics in refugee camps.

There is also the Lamia Afghan Foundation, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to “helping the children and disadvantaged people of Afghanistan by providing humanitarian aid.” And there is the Afghan group, the Aschiana Foundation, which has programs in several refugee camps and provides many ways to help the country’s children.

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If you're not able to donate to a reputable charity, you can also help children in Kabul by raising awareness and sharing information about this devastating situation, which could inspire others to donate or grab the attention of those who are in a position to make change happen.

However you choose to help, any donation or attention given to this crisis could help these children get the medical attention or daily necessities they need to help overcome this ongoing and senseless violence plaguing the country right now.