Here's How You Can Help The Families Of The Schoharie Limo Crash Victims

On Saturday, 20 people were killed in a tragic limousine accident in Schoharie, New York, in the deadliest transportation accident in the United States in almost 10 years. Now, people are wondering how to help the families of the victims of the Schoharie limo crash, some of which lost several children in just one horrific accident. The community is coming together to mourn and to help the families affected, and there are ways people from all over the world can help, too.

The limo crash in Schoharie killed all 18 people inside of the limousine, including the driver, according to The New York Times. And an additional two pedestrians were also killed in the accident, bringing the total number of victims to 20. The last time such a massive loss of life resulted from a transportation accident was in 2009, when a plane crashed into a house outside Buffalo, New York and killed 49 people, CBS News reported.

Authorities are still piecing together information from the accident, but it appears the limousine lost control while speeding downhill, went through an intersection at the bottom of a hill, then struck an empty car and two bystanders outside the Apple Barrel Country Store, The New York Times reported. All of the victims were adults, and some of them left children behind. Here's how you can help their families.

Remember and Respect

Thousands of people attended a candlelight vigil for the limo crash victims on Monday night in the nearby city of Amsterdam, New York, CNY Central reported. If you live anywhere in the area, one simple way to support the families is to attend a vigil or other gathering and pay your respects.

Jennifer Romaine, who attended the vigil Monday and who knew five of the victims, told CNY Central, "...they worked in public places where people knew them. Some of them were teachers...and now it’s going to be awful when they go back to school and they’re not going to be there.” The community is in mourning and will feel the loss for a long time, and being present to honor their memory is just one way you can be there for families and friends of the victims.

Donations and Aid

Several GoFundMe fundraisers have also been set up in the wake of the Schoharie limo crash, and donating to help with things like funeral costs and college funds for children the victims left behind is one way both locals and people from all over the world looking to help can contribute to help these families.

The Times Union reported that Adam and Abby Jackson died in the crash, and left behind two children — Archer, 4, and Elle, 16 months old. A family friend set up a GoFundMe campaign, "College + Expenses for Archer & Elle," so that the girls' grandparents "can use the money for their education or other needs as the children grow up without their parents." You can donate to the cause at this link.

The cousin of another victim, Rachael Cavosie, set up another GoFundMe to help her family with "expenses relating to funeral costs."

Savannah Bursese also lost her life in the accident. Her sorority sisters set up a GoFundMe campaign with "all proceeds are going directly to the Bursese family to help during this terrible time."

The sister-in-law of Rich Steenburg set up a GoFundMe to help cover the funeral costs of Axel and Rich Steenburg, who both died in the tragic crash. On the fundraiser page, she wrote, "anything over those costs will be set aside for Rich’s wife Kim, daughter Aubrie (10 years old) and step son Owen (14 years old)." You can donate to that cause here.

A family friend of the limousine driver, Scott Lisinicchia, also started a GoFundMe "to assist the Lisinicchia family with the final arrangements for Scott."

Finally, on Facebook, a fundraiser has been established for the King family, who lost four daughters in the accident as well as well as several sons-in-law. The campaign will help their parents with "the monetary burden of burying their children." That fundraiser is located at this link.

In the wake of such a terrible tragedy, it can be hard not to feel hopeless and not know how to help. In the days following the accident, there will likely be more opportunities to help the families of the Schoharie limo crash victims, and the options above are just a few options anyone looking to help can consider.