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How To Help The Japan Knife Attack Victims As They Work To Heal & Recover

At least 18 people, including several schoolchildren, were injured in a tragic stabbing attack in Kawasaki, Japan, outside of Tokyo, on Tuesday. According to the BBC, two of the victims, including an 11-year-old girl, were reportedly killed in the attack. In the wake of this horrific and senseless act of violence — an unprecedented kind of violence in Japan — here's how you can help the Japan knife attack victims and their families as they work to recover from this tragedy.

The fatal incident unfolded earlier this morning, not far from a local park and a train station, the Associated Press reported. A man thought to be the attacker approached several school-aged children as they were waiting for a bus to take them to Caritas Elementary School, a private Catholic facility, according to The Washington Post. "I tried to stop him," a bus driver for the school reportedly told police, according to local news outlet, Kyodo News.

School officials and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have since condemned the attack. According to the Associated Press, he said: "It was an extremely harrowing incident in which many small children were victimized, and I feel strong resentment... I will take all possible measures to protect the safety of children."

As the country and the victims' families work to heal from this tragic attack, there are a number of ways you can help from afar, but especially if you're currently in Japan.

Donate To Blood Banks

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Those in the Kawasaki, Japan area and other nearby places may want to consider visiting a local blood bank to donate. Victims of the attack are still recovering from their injuries, and some will likely require additional blood to heal from their injuries.

Both Kawasaki Lefront Blood Donation Room and Mizonokuchi Blood Donation Room are in the area.

People who live locally should contact blood banks and inquire as to what they're in need of. Donation centers sometimes need certain types of blood more than others, and can also reach their limits quickly.

Keep Your Eye Out For Ways To Donate

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As of right now, it does not appear that any GoFundMe fundraisers for the victims of the Japan knife attack are circulating. They may, however, pop up as victims are treated in hospitals and continue their journey toward recovery.

Those hoping to help should keep their eyes peeled for GoFundMe pages or the local equivalent. Donations can be useful in the wake of such incidents, and can alleviate some of the strain on families that are reeling after tragedy.

Don't Post Photos From The Attack

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In the wake of the attack, many on social media may be keen to share graphic photos to spread the news. For people reeling after the incident, it may be hard to see those images. As such, and out of respect for the victims and their loved ones, those spreading news and information about what happened should refrain from posting photos — especially graphic images and video — from the attack.

Instead, pictures of memorials set up afterward, or mourners gathering at the site, are available and should be posted and circulated instead. This small measure can ensure that mourners don't accidentally see something triggering or hurtful online, and can help people in their time of need.

It's important in times like these that we rally together. This kind of violence is uncommon in Japan, according to The New York Times, and it has undoubtedly shaken the entire country to its core, especially those in the area. Hopefully these small measures will be helpful, and bring comfort during this difficult time.