How To Hide Your Pregnancy From Your Kid Until You're Ready To Tell Them

The moment you confirm that little pink plus sign means that your family is growing, you'll probably be bursting to share the news with those closest to you. But whether you're worried about potential complications or how your child will handle the news about the arrival of a new little sibling, you may want to keep the news of your pregnancy a secret for a while. If you aren't quite ready to spill the beans, you'll want to know how to hide your pregnancy from your kid until you're ready to tell them.

You probably won't have to explain to your child why you're giving up wine for the next nine months, but you will have to answer questions about why you're always tired and why you can't climb to the top of the monkey bars. Children are inquisitive by nature, and if they notice anything outside of the norm then you'd better be prepared with an explanation. As you wait for the right moment to share your news, you may need to enlist a little help from your partner and your child's favorite electronic devices. And while you're at it, you may want to invest in a few baggy sweaters.

When the time is right, you and your partner will share the news of the coming addition to your family and your little one will be just as excited as you are about a new little sibling — at least until the baby arrives.


Let Your Partner Pitch In

Now that you're going to be hosting a new little life in your belly, you will likely have less energy than normal for the children you already have. As What to Expect suggested, this is a great time to enlist help from your partner. Have them take the kids to the park so you can get a breather. Not only will this give them special time to bond, but you'll be in a much better mood when they get back.


Allow A Little More Screen Time

According to What to Expect, you shouldn't be afraid to allow your child to have a little more screen time when you need to rest. There are plenty of educational videos and websites available for young children that can entertain your child while you recharge.


Get Crafty

You may have to cut back on your trips to the playground, but that doesn't have to mean that you can't do things with your kids while you're expecting. Find some simple crafts you can do at home together. Your child will be so distracted by all of the paint and glue, he won't notice that anything's different.


Dress To Distract

If your kid is anything like mine, they won't hesitate to tell you that your tummy is a little mushier than normal. If you aren't ready to answer your child's questions, you might have to use some styling tricks to disguise your growing belly. As Parents mentioned, tunics, layers, and other loose fitting clothing items can take the focus off of your baby bump.


Play Doctor

Your little one probably won't understand why you need a little more rest than normal. But if you don't want to have to tell her the real reason why you're feeling under the weather, why not let her try to figure it out? Play a game of doctor and let her give you a check up. You'll get to lie down while she looks you over, and she'll probably come up with a pretty hilarious diagnosis.