How To Initiate A Quickie When You Haven't Done It In A While?

For many people in long-term relationships, sex becomes a part of your regular routine. You know that, for example, you're pretty much bound to get down after your Sunday HBO viewing party. Even once you and your SO have created a sex schedule that works for you, there's something to be said about the element of surprise. With that in mind, it's fun to know how to initiate a quickie when you haven't done it in a while. Because quickies can make relationship sex feel as spontaneous as a raunchy hookup, they're a fine addition to your repertoire. Technology, clothes, or even a change of scenery can help you communicate your desires in no time.

Sometimes, taking the first step is the trickiest part of the game. If you're feeling a little shy, then you can use your phone to help get the process started. As noted in Thought Catalogue, sexting can help you initiate a quickie any time, any place. You can let your texts or pics do all the work, and be as explicit or coy as you like. Plus, if sexting is a bit out of your comfort zone, then you can start with some example sexting ideas and then take it from there. Basically, sexting can help you kick off a quickie with almost no effort whatsoever.

Next, you may want to take things up a notch. Another effective, but low-key, way to initiate a quickie involves your underthings. According to The Frisky, casually strolling around your home in new lingerie is an almost surefire way to instigate sex any time. Wear whatever makes you feel sexy, and go about your usual routine. When your SO sees you, say, getting a glass of water wearing nothing but a silky little number, you'll likely get it on in no time.

Finally, getting the party started outside of the bedroom may be the quickie plan of action for you. As noted in Women's Health, initiating a fast romp in the hallway or shower can make your quickie even more spontaneous and hot. When you're getting ready for work or winding down for the evening, grab your SO and start kissing in some random part of your house. Chances are, your partner will get the message and you'll be enjoying a quickie in no time.