How To Initiate A Sext

The written word has served as a means of flirtation for centuries. Instead of love letters that take ages to arrive, though, modern lovers use smartphones for instant come-ons. With this in mind, knowing how to initiate a sext will help pique your recipient's interest. Like everything else, there is an art to sexting. Well, more or less.

What is sexting? The line is a little different for everyone. As noted in the website for Glamour, a sext is a text message meant to turn on the recipient. For some people, this may involve detailed descriptions of desired sexual acts; for others, a double entendre followed by a winking face says it all. Oh, and this does not begin to account for the possibilities of trading photos.

Like any other method of flirting, sexting relies on a playful back-and-forth banter between two interested people. To start a sext conversation, pay attention to the response. Try to catch the other person's attention at a convenient time with an invitation to play, so to speak. As noted in Refinery 29, a good starter sext is something along the lines of, "Had a hot dream about you. Want to know the details?" The message is not too explicit, in case the recipient is at work or another non-sexty place. Plus, it asks the text receiver to give the go-ahead before taking the dialogue in a more adult direction. Given a positive reply, the sexting session begins from this teasing opener question.

Additionally, minding a few guidelines will keep the sexting hot. As noted on Your Tango, avoiding abbreviations, and proofreading the message before sending, is wise. If autocorrect starts rambling about ducking, for instance, the conversation will lose momentum. Also, consider the audience. Texting a mild-mannered person, or someone you are still getting to know? Start off tame and let the conversation grow sexier in a gradual way. Teasing anticipation will help the cause, after all.

At a loss for words? Rely on example sexting ideas to get started, courtesy of Bustle. For people who are new to sexting, or prone to overthinking things, these messages can get the ball rolling. In no time, holding a risqué discussion through text will be second-nature.