How To Interpret Baby Farts, AKA Every Parent's Favorite Pastime

by Lindsay E. Mack

Babies are the picture of innocence and all that is right with the world, but they can also rip some pretty mean farts. Sometimes it's downright impressive and, at other times, you wish for a gas mask. For what it's worth, however, these emissions can tell you something about your baby's health. Once you know how to interpret baby farts, you can gain a little more insight into your baby's digestive well-being.

First, it's important to remember that many babies are windy little critters by nature. Gas that seems excessive by adult standards may totally normal for your little one. According to Parents, because infants are taking in food at all hours, their digestive systems keep humming along for most of the day, which results in a lot of gas. In fact, healthy babies may pass gas around 20 times a day, as noted by Baby Care Advice. So although you may feel concerned about the noises emanating from your little one, chances are it's perfectly normal.

That said, there are instances in which unusual baby flatulence could indicate a potential health problem. In some instances, a baby with gas or gas pains may have trouble digesting his food, as noted by Baby Center. This could be anything from a reaction to certain proteins in formula to lactose intolerance, as further explained by Baby Center. If you suspect your little one's gas points to some digestive problems, then it's a good idea to reach out to your pediatrician for further advice.

Lastly, gas can sometimes act as the fist sign of a more serious health issue. As explained by WebMD, if your gassy baby does not poop or has blood in his stool, then you should reach out to your doctor right away. These may be the signs of a serious digestive issue. Additionally, if your baby's excessive gas also occurs at the same time as diarrhea, vomiting, or a fever, then this may point to a problem such as stomach flu or even GERD, according to Baby Center. Again, if anything about your baby's digestive health seems concerning, then a trip to the doctor is a must. Hopefully, however, both you and your baby will be able to weather this interesting aspect of growing up without any serious troubles.