How To Keep Your Baby From Rubbing Their Eyes

Most things about newborns are adorable, from their little fingers to their barely-opened eyes. Seeing your bundle of joy rub their chubby little fists against their eyes can be heart-melting, but it might make you a little concerned if it happens constantly. If you’re wondering how to keep your baby from rubbing their eyes, there are a few simple fixes that should do the trick.

In many cases, eye rubbing is really nothing to worry about. In fact, the reason your baby does it is probably similar to the reason you rub your eyes from time to time. According to the Vision Therapy Center, when a baby rubs their eyes, it often means they’re simply ready for some rest and just can’t keep their eyes open any longer. Putting them down for a nap or settling them into their crib for the night should solve the problem.

But sleepiness isn’t the only cause of eye rubbing. Your little one might be irritated by something in their eye, like an eyelash or a speck of dust. If that's the case, Babble noted that you can simply flush the eye with a bit of water to remove whatever’s bothering your baby. If they continue to rub and scratch at their eyes and seem very upset, however, you might want to give your pediatrician a call to make sure they haven’t damaged their eye in any way.

Another reason you baby is rubbing their eyes — curiosity, according to Momjunction. A baby who’s discovering their motor skills and their body parts for the first time might be amazed at the way it feels to rub their eyes. It’s probably harmless, but you might want to put a little pair of mittens on them to make sure they don’t scratch or hurt themselves. And if it really freaks you out, give your doctor a call. They should be able to assure you that everything will be fine.