How To Keep Yourself Composed On Your Child's…

The first day of school is one of those events that brings on a a giant heap of emotions. It's a mix of happy and sad — some nostalgia swirled in with worry to pinpoint a few. You want to be strong for your kid so they have the confidence to take on the new year with flying colors. But what if you're worried you might fall to piece? You can get through this rough morning by focusing on how to keep yourself composed on your child's first day of school. This way you won't be a blubbering mess as your child walks into their classroom.

Even if you're a veteran to sending kids off to school, the first day can still be tough. It's a reminder that you child is growing up and getting older, which can be hard on a mama's heart. Reflecting too long on such things can bring on the water works for any grown woman. However, deep down every mom wants the first day of school to be a happy occasion for their child, and you don't want to have them fretting over leaving a tearful mommy behind.

To keep yourself cool as a cucumber, focus on these 13 ways you can survive the first day of school and make the other mothers wonder what your secret is.


Believe It Will Be OK

Start playing the right tape over and over in your head. Chances are, everything is going to be OK, so go ahead and believe that's true. As Today's Parent pointed out, children are prepared to handle milestones better that you think. Both you and your child are more ready to handle this day than you give yourself credit for.


Hold It In

There is no rule about having a cry once your child is at school. Give yourself permission to blubber over your baby going to school after you drop them off. Hold it in when you fell the tears coming on, and remind yourself you have the green light to cry once your child cannot see you any more.


Pull Out The Powerful Mantra

When it starts to feel like you just can't do it, remind yourself why this is a good choice and repeat it over and over. To overcome those first day feelings, give yourself a pep talk of positivity about why going to school is best for your child, as suggested by Parents magazine online.


Raise A Glass

When my oldest shipped out to kindergarten, a friend hosted a little morning gathering for all of us who just sent our little off to school. She had mimosas and snacks for us to enjoy while we talked about how the morning went. Having people who are experiencing the same thing around is a great comfort on though days.


Visit The Classroom Beforehand

Most people think "Meet The Teacher Night," is for the kids (and of course, they benefit from this preview), but these events are also good at easing the nerves of parents. Having a visual of exactly where you child will be all day helps you to feel more in control and calm about sending them off on the first day. As Scholastic's website pointed out, most teachers invite families for this type of event, but if your's does not, call and ask if you can pop in for a quick visit.


Treat Your Self

Anticipating a day full of feelings after dropping your child off on the first day of school? Plan something fun for yourself that day so you have something to look forward to. Perhaps lunch with a friend, a pilates class, or a shopping trip will be a good distraction for you until pick up time.


Rise & Shine

To have a more relaxed start to the day, get up early on the first day of school as the website for PBS Parents suggested. Waking up with time to spare will remove any extra stress from rushing to get out the door on time.


Be Kind To Yourself

If you feel like you're going to lose your cool when your little one heads out on the first day, don't beat yourself up. You're allowed to have emotions about this. Be kind to yourself and remember that each day gets a little easier.


Make A Silly Bet

One sure way to avoid coming unglued on the first day of school, is to have some consequences. Make a harmless bet with a a friend or your partner that if you lose composure than you have to do something like buy them breakfast or do all the dishes for a week.


Prepare In Advance

When you're trying to keep your nerves in tact, doing as much as you can to prepare in advance will help. As Kids Health pointed out, creating a check list of back to school items will set you up for success on the first day of school.


Inhale & Exhale

Keep yourself calm with nice deep breaths. According to Psych Central, deep breathing helps our nervous system with fight or flight, and can be beneficial in stressful situations.


Focus On The Positive

I know it sounds very unicorns and rainbows, but reminding yourself of all the good reasons and positive things that will come from this school year ahead can keep you from feeling overwhelmed on the first day of school.


Bring Back Up

If you're worried about staying cool on the first day of school, ask for reinforcements. See if a friend or family member is available to come with you when you drop off your child. Having someone their to support you can make you feel stronger and more capable of handling hard situations.