How To Know If Your Partner Orgasmed

by Lindsay E. Mack

When you go to bed with someone, you want to make sure everyone involved has a good time. But a few partners, both male and female, have such stealthy orgasms that you're never sure what just went down. In these cases, figuring out how to know if your partner orgasmed can go a long way toward making everybody happy.

In general, it isn't that difficult to tell when a male partner has an orgasm. I mean, if he shouts "Shazaam" and then collapses, you have a pretty good idea of what just happened. It's all about the ejaculate, right? And if you're having unprotected sex, then you might even feel the ejaculation occur.

That said, not every moment of ejaculation is so easy to detect. If you're using condoms or other barrier methods, then it can be tricky to know whether the main event has occurred. In these instances, you can watch out for orgasm cues such as accelerated breathing or telltale facial expressions, according to the website for Cosmopolitan. And, in some cases, a man can orgasm without ejaculating at all. According to the Mayo Clinic, the dry orgasm is in no way harmful, and many men get accustomed to the sensation. In these instances, it may be helpful for your partner to just tell you when the getting off has taken place.

On the other hand, the female orgasm can be notoriously difficult to detect for some partners. Google has around 26 million results for the "tell when woman has orgasm" search, so it's a top-of-mind concern for many people. A few of these results are interesting to say the least, treating the female orgasm like a code to break, or a game to win. But as noted in the website for Psychology Today, the orgasmic experience is very similar in both sexes. You don't need the Konami Code to make a woman climax. According to Planned Parenthood, you may be able to feel the telltale muscle contractions when your partner climaxes, or notice a red flush around the face and neck. In the end, though, the most certain way to tell whether your partner has orgasmed is to ask. Communication is still the most straightforward path toward a great sex life for you both.