How To Make A David S. Pumpkins Costume, Since It's Sold Out Everywhere

Some Saturday Night Live sketches immediately become pop culture gold, and it looks like a new one just entered the canon. Tom Hanks' gloriously goofy David S. Pumpkins character became a hit during his debut last Saturday. And though the dance-loving dude in a pumpkin suit may be the most disappointing attraction on the Haunted Elevator, he's probably going to be a Halloween favorite this year. And with some basic DIY skills and a little internet shopping, you can learn how to make a David S. Pumpkins costume.

You're this close to having the most current costume at the party. Although you may not be able to score an exact replica (it's sold out everywhere), these getups are pretty close to the sprit of the original look. If you roll up to a party in a pumpkin-print suit, everyone will know what you're going for. Top it off with a curly wig, and you're all set. To really sell the look, you can download the music from the skit and perform slightly awkward dances at random times.

Sure, there are going to be plenty of other SNL characters running around on Halloween, as Wayne and the Coneheads have been costume classics for years. But you can get a jump on the trend this year with the least-scary character of all time. Any questions?


Pumpkin Suit Jacket

Start with a basic black blazer ($6) and add Jack-o-lantern cutouts ($7) to it. Or, if you're more casual, try the pumpkin print scrub jacket ($17). You'll get the point across.


Pumpkin Print Pants

You can rock some pumpkin pajama pants ($15) or even pumpkin leggings ($15) to create the second part of your look (though quirky pumpkin print leggings ($10) are also a fun option.) You could even go with some basic black pants ($15) and put pumpkin print Post-It notes ($6) all over them.


Pumpkin Tie

You can choose from a ton of ties. The basic Jack-O-Lantern face tie ($18) is classic, and the Halloween musical novelty necktie ($12) includes a spooky melody. You can create your own music for dancing purposes.



To really sell the look, you can add in that signature hairstyle. The dark northern king wig ($15) or curly top wig ($8) are the perfect finishing touch. Now throw everything together and get ready to own Halloween.