How To Make A Shamrock Shake Faster Than You Can Drive To McDs

Planning to get your green on for St. Patrick's Day? Don't stop with your head-to-toe solid color ensemble. Take all that bright green fun into the kitchen too. This holiday is the perfect opportunity to play with your food, and the fact that you have a built-in color pallet gives you a great place to start brainstorming yummy ideas. If you need something refreshing to wash down your shepherd's pie and green cookies, finish off your meal with this DIY Shamrock Shake and you are sure to be free of any St. Patrick's Day pinches.

You don't have wait in line at any fast food chains to get your hands on one of the most delicious frozen treats this holiday has to offer. Lucky for you, the frothy green beverage are as close as your blender, thanks to this Shamrock Shake recipe from Simply Scratch. Laurie, the brains behind this gorgeous food blog, even took her copycat drink a step further by adding blended cookie crumbs to give the shake a touch of added decadence. But if you are a purist, don't worry — you can simply omit the cookie crumbles from your shake to have an exact replica of the one you have come to crave.

Since this shake takes you less time to make than it does to dry your hair, your biggest challenge is going to be not making one for every meal. Because a Shamrock Shake totally counts as a meal on St. Patrick's Day. (At least that's what I tell myself each year.)

You don't need to have one drop of Irish blood to enjoy this festive, green milkshake. Just raise your glass to St. Patrick and ask him to bring you some luck.