Slime Recipe That’ll Make Some Noise

by Olivia Youngs

Remember the good old days when slime was just a brightly colored, super squishy substance? Folks were content to play with the substance for hours, never wondering if there might be a bigger, better slime recipe out there. But this is 2017 and slime, like just about everything else, has gotten bigger and better. Slime gurus haven't stopped with giving slime new scents or textures (though they probably should have.) The days when slime was simple and straightforward are long gone and now, learning how to make bubble wrap slime is the latest and greatest slime craze to hit the market.

Contrary to its name, bubble wrap slime isn't actually made with bubble wrap, and the "secret ingredient" that gives it its crunch may surprise you. The slime is otherwise made with very typical slime ingredients and can be whipped up in a few minutes in the comfort of your own slime laboratory (or, you know, kitchen).

According to self-proclaimed slime expert and Youtuber Karina Garcia, all you need to make crunchy bubble wrap slime is a mixing bowl, one cup of hot water, clear glue (Garcia used five bottles), a teaspoon of borax, and the secret ingredient: a bag of clear filler beads like these ones from Michaels ($6).

Once you've gathered all of your ingredients (and some safety goggles for good measure, because slime time can get wild), add the clear glue to the bowl. Then, in a separate dish, add the borax to the hot water and mix. Slowly add small amounts of water to the glue, mixing until thick slime begins to form. Keep going until "everything becomes a big blob," Garcia instructed.

From there, you simply fold in some of the clear beads until your slime has the satisfying crunch that you're after. Garcia eventually added the entire bag, but you just do you.

So where does the bubble wrap come into play? When crunched with the slime, the beads make the addicting and satisfying sound of bubble wrap popping. If that's not an upgrade to regular old slime, I don't know what is.