How To Make Fourth Of July Sangria

Fourth of July can easily be the standout holiday when it comes to summer, and is easily my favorite holiday of the season. Aside from the meaning behind Independence Day, the fact that the ways we choose to celebrate are great representations of the day itself. Spending time with family, turning the day into a celebration, and creating unity amongst everyone, the Fourth of July is a great example of how we embrace our freedom. Added in there though, are great meals and cold drinks, and learning how to make Fourth of July sangria will help your party stand out above the rest.

Although margaritas or mimosas have been my choice of drink for summer parties in the past, sangria is moving its way up on my list. Why? Because I've figured out that there are so many things that can be done with sangria that I never even thought of. And, the process is easier than you could even imagine.

Now sure, sangria comes in white or red, and is pretty much made with fruit and wine, but thanks to the team of lovely ladies over at Little Miss Party Planner, the ultimate recipe of firecracker popsicle white sangria now exists. Perfect for the 4th of July and the supreme feeling of summer, this tasty and patriotic sangria is fun, quick, and easy to create. And that, my friends, is very important to note when searching for the best sangria to give your party the added wow you're looking for.

With both raspberries and blueberries added for color in the sangria, Little Miss Party Planner's team didn't plan to stop there on giving you that red, white, and blue feeling. What better way to introduce your childhood Fourth of July experiences with your adult life than to top off your drink with a frozen treat as delicious and fitting as a firecracker popsicle? No better way exists, if you ask me.

After having this beautifully put together drink on your hot Fourth of July afternoon, there will absolutely be no way that you'll think to have any other drink at next year's party. Be sure to stock up on multiple bottles of wine though. Something tells me that your guests will be asking for multiple rounds of this year's show-stopping beverage.