How To Make Bubble Gum Slime

by Olivia Youngs

The slime trend is here to stay it seems, and whether you're looking for recipes for your kid or you to try (there's no shame — slime is strangely addicting to play with regardless of your age), you might be curious about how to make giant bubble gum slime — one of the newest crazes to hit "slime-dom."

Regular slime is great and all but, giant hot pink slime takes standard slime recipes to a new level. Just don't take the bubble gum part too literally. The trendy slime gets it's name for it's fluffy texture and pink color — not its ingredient list. In fact, it's impressive you don't eat this stuff, as it containts ingredients that can be dangerous if ingested. So grab your safety goggles (they're not really necessary, but you'd look the part), and the following ingredients and learn why giant bubble gum slime is the newest craze for kids and adults alike.

To make the bubble gum-esque slime, you need the standard slime ingredients like white glue, foam shaving cream, food coloring, baking soda, and contact solution. But, as Youtuber Gillian Bower points out in her video, there are a few other "secret" ingredients that make bubble gum slime so, well, giant and bubble gum-esque. You'll also need, oddly enough, molding clay and bubble gum flavoring to give it a sweet scent.

To start, add a cup of white glue into a bowl and mix the same amount of shaving cream in with it. Then add a few drops of pink food coloring and bubble gum flavoring to give it the bright pink color and sugary smell. From there, add a bit of contact solution at a time until you see the slime begin to form.

You could stop here, since it will be slime-like and bright pink, but to get the "giant," thick texture you're looking for with this recipe, add a small amount of white molding clay and slowly fold it in with the pink slime. Once it's all mixed together, the slime will be thick, bright pink, fluffy and essentially, the slime of you and your kid's dreams.