How To Make Kool-Aid Play Dough, AKA The Coolest Craze Since Slime

Kids absolutely love playing with anything squishy, doughy, and moldable. But you don't have to stick with modeling clay bought from a store. Learning how to make Kool-Aid play dough makes treating your kid to sweet-smelling sensory play easier than ever. Plus, there are tons of different recipes to try out so you can pick a favorite.

Much like the DIY slime craze, these homemade play-dough recipes encourage your kid to learn a ton of lessons during playtime. Reading ingredient lists, measuring, and following directions are some of the lessons older kids can learn when going through these different recipes. Younger kids, meanwhile, can enjoy some awesome sensory play with the sweetly scented, pliable dough that results. As a bonus, some of these recipes are literally good enough to eat, so it's no big deal if your kid takes a little taste during play time.

These dough recipes are super fun for your kid to play with alone, but I could see these going over very well at play dates and birthday parties, too. For kids who are connoisseurs of all things messy, squashy, and moldable, these dough recipes are sure to delight. And chances are, you'll have a good bit of fun playing with them, too.


No-Cook Kool-Aid Play Dough

For a quick, no-cook version of the recipe, check out YouTuber emmymade's recipe for Kool-Aid play dough. Using some ingredients you probably have on hand in the kitchen already, as well as the Kool-Aid packet of your choice, this recipe creates colorful, soft, and pliable dough that smells amazing.


Edible Kool-Aid Play Dough

If your kid is going to try eating the dough anyway, well, let them. YouTuber SoCassie's DIY edible play dough with Kool-Aid recipe is safe to taste. Honestly, this recipe looks so yummy, it's totally cool if you sneak a taste of it, too. It's basically dessert your kid can play with, which is the stuff children dream about, right?


Colorful Kool-Aid Play Dough

Purple grape, cherry red, and bright yellow lemonade are just a few of the colors and scents featured in this next tutorial. Although this version isn't edible, the Kool-Aid play dough from YouTuber childcareland is super soft and ready to mold. It does involve a bit of cooking to make, which means your kid can get some lessons about cooking in the meantime.


Rainbow Play Dough

Watch a dad and daughter duo mix up some rainbow-colored crafts in this video. The Kool-Aid play dough recipe from YouTuber The Patsy Family is easy to follow, and it looks super fun to make.


Cooking For Kids Edible Play Dough

If your children enjoy watching kid-led videos, then this one might work. YouTuber Fun kids videos shared a silly DIY edible play dough vid. As you might guess, Kool-Aid is one of the key ingredients.


5 Minute Kool-Aid Play Dough

This soothing and simple video outlines everything you need to make this play dough in a hurry. YouTuber OneCrazyHouse's 5 minute Kool-Aid play dough recipe is one you'll love to keep on hand. It's a perfect craft for rainy days or anytime you need a quick and easy project for the kids.


Grape Kool-Aid Play Dough DIY

This is another beautifully simple video. The grape Kool-Aid play dough recipe from YouTuber Well Done is perfectly simple with its few key ingredients. You and your kids will have a blast creating this sweet-smelling, super fun dough.