How To Make Ombré Slime

The basic slime recipe has always been a hit and, as a result, many variations have followed. Nowadays you can make slime that is bubbly, fluffy, glittery, or almost any other quality imaginable. You can even learn how to make ombré slime, which is a gorgeous take on the slime trend.

If you have kids who are old enough to work a tablet, then you know all about the slime resurgence. Making your own slime at home has become a big deal in recent months, and the internet is full of tutorials for every type of slime possible. In fact, the slime fad is so pervasive that it has caused a shortage of school glue in some areas, according to USA Today. (School glue is one of the most common ingredients in many slime recipes, for those not in the know.)

As crafty slime aficionados keep experimenting, new versions of slime crop up all the time. An interesting variation is the ombré slime. According to Merriam-Webster, ombré refers to colors or shades that fade into one another. Everything from hair colors to clothes to makeup has gotten the ombré treatment in recent years, as noted by Bustle, so of course slime is in on the trend, too. Here are a few ways to craft your own multicolored slime.

Ombré Slime Recipe

This is a simple, straightforward ombré slime recipe from CraftyGirls. School glue, baking soda, and eye drops form the basic ingredients, and you will also need three colors of paint for the ombré effect. The end result is gorgeous.

Metallic Ombré Slime

Metallic paint gives this slime a lovely hue. The metallic ombré slime tutorial from Blender Croix is easy to follow and fun. Please note that this recipe calls for a borax solution, so you may want to make it with gloves if you have skin sensitivities.

DIY Ombré Slime

School glue, shaving cream, and food coloring are the basic ingredients for this recipe. For the DIY ombré slime from Brooke's Vlogs, you can make a lot of slime in no time. By adding color at the end, you can create a lovely ombré effect to your liking. After trying these recipes, why not invent your own take on the slime trend?