How To Make Time For Sex During Bed-Sharing

Allow me to set the scene. You and your partner are enjoying an especially fun and flirty night together. You both have a twinkle in your eye and tingle in the right places, which urges you to move your party of two to the bedroom. But oh wait — you're bed-sharing with your baby, who's already snoozing soundly in your bed. As cute as that bambino is, having her nearby can be quite the mood killer. As the realness of this moment sets in, you vow to figure out how to make time for sex during bed-sharing so you never have to shut down your lust again.

Deciding to bring your baby into the adult bed doesn't have to totally cramp your sex style, it just means you're going to have to push yourself to think outside the box a little. But hey, getting creative can lead to some unexpected fun and possibly discovering a new fave (like doing the deed somewhere other than your bed). As Parenting magazine pointed out, you don't have to give up on romance when you're bed-sharing, you just need to notice all the opportunities for sex that you never realized before.

First, you need to clear the idea that your bedroom and your bed are the only places where you can get to fourth base, because there is a long list of other places to have sex. Consider all the options in your home, such as the shower, another bedroom (where the baby isn't sleeping), the living room, the kitchen, you car, or even the yard, as the website for Mothering magazine suggested. Once you start seeking out new and interesting places, you'll wonder why you never thought to get busy in the laundry room before.

Aside from your scavenger hunt for naughty nooks, don't limit yourself to strictly nighttime nookie. Squeezing in a quickie while baby naps or sharing a shower in the morning gets the job done just as well as after the sun has set. And on those nights you're looking for something special, take your show on the road. According to Baby Center, getting out of the house for a date night is known to get parents in the mood, so why not take advantage of that feeling and get a room (literally). Or find a discrete place to have a romp while out of the house.

When you take a closer look, you see how bed-sharing may actually have more positive affects on your sex life than negative. Getting creative and having fun with your adult time can bring you and your partner closer together and reignite the flame that is sometimes dampened by the responsibilities of parenthood.