How To Make Vegan Mashed Potatoes That'll Please Even The Animal Lovers At Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, so if you're taste buds aren't ready for greatness, then you should get them prepared. Whether you're a fan of traditional meals or are looking for something new to add to your menu this year, dipping into a few vegan recipes can be a way to do a little of both. Though I'm not a huge fan of anything vegan-based, I've most recently opened up to letting my palate explore new things. And learning how to make vegan mashed potatoes is one way to do that.

Mashed potatoes have been one of my favorite foods every since I was a child. I'm not sure if it's because of the hot gravy that floods them or if I truly just enjoy the taste, but I can literally eat mashed potatoes any time they're placed in front of me. Although I'm a fan of regular mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes have been the talking piece of this year's Thanksgiving menu around my house.

Although sweet potatoes are not really something that I fancy, my older cousin has convinced me that giving them a try this year will quickly change my mind. To win me over, he pulled out Ari's Menu's recipe for rosemary, olive oil, and sea salt mashed sweet potatoes. I'm very picky about what I eat — especially if it's vegan — but these mashed potatoes have made their way onto my list of vegan favorites. Sure that list may not be too big right now, but the fact that I even have one at this point in my life, is something truly special.

Consisting of just a few ingredients, this mashed sweet potatoes recipe is an effortless, quick, and delicious addition to this year's holiday meals. A good thing to note is that there is a way to make your vegan mashed potatoes creamy without using cream, too. Food noted that adding in vegan mayonnaise or vegenaise is the real secret to making your vegan mashed potatoes creamy. So, if you're interested in making these mashed sweet potatoes have a creamier texture, try adding in this simple ingredient. The best part about it all is that it can be a tasty eat for both vegans and non-vegans. Sounds like a win to me.

If you're in need of a quick meal to add onto the Thanksgiving roster this year, try looking to this simple option to soothe your starchy needs. Not sure if mashed sweet potatoes will be a good picking for your taste buds? Coming from the girl who doesn't even like sweet potatoes, I'd say it's pretty much worth your effort this year.