Yes, You Can Make Your Animoji Videos Longer

iPhone technology never fails to impress me. Just when you thought Snapchat filters and SnapMap were as good as it was going to get, the iPhone X debuted last week, blowing any existing cell phone you had out of the water. Animoji — or 3D emojis that track your facial movement and voice — are one of, if not the coolest — feature on the newest iPhone, but it has its flaws. Animoji videos are too short. Luckily, there is a way to make your animoji videos longer so you can impress (and entertain) your friends with your super advanced technology at the same time.

First, some background. As previously stated, Animoji is only available on the iPhone X due to the vital facial recognition feature that is exclusive to the phone's model. Luckily for everyone with the iPhone X, thee feature comes already installed onto the phone and is conveniently located in the Messages app so you can leave your friends and family some super cute (or a little irritating) voice messages, using an emoji instead of a video of yourself. Because everything sounds better when it is coming out of the mouth of a poop emoji or a unicorn emoji.

But the only problem with Animoji is that the recordings only last for 10 seconds and they need to be longer for obvious reasons. There are only so many fun messages that you can record in a 10 second timespan. Twitter users seem to agree with this complaint.

But, there is a way to make your Animoji videos longer, it's just through a third party iPhone application and takes a few more steps to get your hands on, according to LifeHacker. But lets be real, the process is so worth it to get those extra vital 10 seconds of Animoji video.

Unfortunately, Apple hasn't opened Animoji to a third-party developer (meaning anyone can't make apps specifically for Animoji yet). But you can download the app that extends the Animoji recordings, SBSAnimoji, from GitHub, according to Life Hacker, and get it onto your iPhone by side loading it (which is process in and of itself). LifeHacker provides a helpful step by step guide to getting third party apps onto your iPhone. According to LifeHacker, this means that you will also have to create a free developer profile to side load apps, but that, too is super simple. Phone Arena calls SBSAnimoji app "a tad underwhelming," so if you were looking for a better way to use Animojis, this isn't necessarily it. But, according to Phone Arena, the developer of SBSAnimoji is looking to make the recording sessions even longer (sweet).

You can also make your Animoji video recordings longer, according to Apple Insider, by using your screen recording tool and record yourself playing around with Animoji.

Longer Animoji video recordings could definitely come in handy for a lot of people, especially those who have found their niche by sharing Animoji karaoke videos on Twitter. These clips of emojis singing songs and quoting celebrities are incredibly funny. Imagine what people could do if they had more time to say whatever they wanted with their Animoji?

Surely this trend of recording Animoji karaoke videos, like the internet memes that came before it, might die out eventually. But watching and recording Animoji videos is so much fun for now that there are all of the reasons to download an extra app to extend your recording time.

Like emojis themselves, Animoji is surely going to continue to be super popular, so you might want all of the add ons you can get your hands on. Hopefully, within the next few months, Apple will open Animoji up to other developers so more people can expand upon this. But for now, this third party app is good enough to extend the recordings. Happy recording!