Here's How To Make Your Fingerling Sing Alone & With Other Fingerlings

If your little ones were among the lucky bunch that got their hands on Fingerlings for the holidays, consider yourself in the minority. These little robotic monkeys were the most popular toy of the season, and as a result, sold out everywhere long before the holiday rush. And though your kids will probably figure out all the tricks of the coveted toys before you do, you might win some cool points by showing them a new trick or two. So here's how to make your Fingerlings sing, so you can engage with your kids and their newest pals at the same time.

According to the Fingerling's website, all you need to do to make these little monkeys sing is clap your hands twice. Doing so will result in the Fingerling seranading your thrilled kiddo with a sweet and silly tune. And, as the Kansas City Star noted, if one Fingerling starts to sing, it triggers other nearby Fingerlings to join in. So if your child has more than one Fingerling, or is hanging out with friends who have Fingerlings, pretty soon the whole gang of monkeys will be singing along. It's a simple trick, but it's sure to excite your crew.

If you're curious as to what else this tiny, robotic monkey will do, there are plenty of tricks to discover. You can tap their heads one or twice to trigger different reactions as they have two sensors on the top of their head. You can even hang them upside down by their tails, something they, as monkeys, love to do. This makes them laugh or giggle in glee and will provide your kids with tons of smiles. You can also pet or cuddle them to make them coo in delight, and you can blow them kisses to receive little kissing noises in return.

You can get them talking, too, and they make 40 different noises depending on the position they are in. You'll hear them make different sounds when they're sitting, laying, or upside down. You can even rock them to sleep for naps or at night.

Once they are left alone for more than 60 seconds, Fingerlings will doze off to conserve energy, according to CNBC. The technology used in Fingerlings is similar to the touch technology used by your smart phone. Fingerlings also have sophisticated microphones to sense sound, while being able to block out background noise in order to hear different commands, like claps and kisses. They have motion sensors to detect when you're rocking, petting, or shaking the Fingerling, and ones that detect orientation, as well.

WowWee, the Candian company that created Fingerlings, produced exclusive models for many big retailers, so don't be suprised if your little one soon starts asking for the sloth from Walmart, the sparkly monkey from Amazon, or the unicorn from Target. With six different colored original monkeys with unique names, these Fingerlings are becoming the new trend in collect-them-all toys, much like the Hatchimals trend of last year.

Whether or not you "get" the hype of these little toys, Fingerlings are here to stay for the time being. If you have kids, you might just have to get on board. Learning a few tricks, and enjoying the teeny robotic monkeys with your little ones might just be enjoyable — it can't hurt to give it a try. Make them sing, squeal, or sleep, and see what you think. Chances are, if your kids go nutty over them, you'll love them just for the smiles and giggles they induce.

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