How To Make Your Own Fidget Spinners

Step aside, slime: there's a new fad in town. Fidget spinners are everywhere, and learning how to make your own fidget spinners is an easy way to jump on the trend without spending a ton of money. Or, to prevent a breakdown when you go to the store to buy one and they're all sold out.

So what are fidget spinners, anyway? Fidget spinners are pieces of plastic or metal that orbit around a bearing, and they spin for a while from a single push, according to the website for TIME. In general, they work like a larger version of the spinner ring. As noted by CBS Philly, using fidget spinners may help promote focus for many kids, in particular those who deal with ADHD or autism. At any rate, kids everywhere are losing their minds over these things.

(It's tempting to make a disparaging comment about "kids these days," but a collection of POG caps is mouldering in my parent's garage at this very moment. So, no stone throwing here. Enjoy the trend, kids.)

Although fidget spinners are available online and in a few toy stores, the DIY community has already come up with a number of variations. If you don't want to deal with bearings or special parts, some are assembled from everyday household objects. Put your own spin on the trend with DIY fidget spinner toys.

DIY Fidget Spinner Without Bearings

Bottle caps, pennies, and other simple objects form the tools for this DIY Fidget Spinner without bearings from Megan Weller. When decorated with a little glitter and paint, it makes for a mesmerizing toy. Chances are, you already have the components on hand.

DIY LEGO Toys Fidget Spinner

If you have kids, you probably have a bucket or two of LEGOs on hand. IncredibleScience offers up five different LEGO toy spinner designs. No glue, bearings, or any other tools are required: just LEGO toy components.

Simple Fidget Spinner Tutorial

Using an empty soda can and a few coins, this simple fidget spinner from HawkGuruHacker is elegant and neat. The tutorial does involve cutting into a can, so younger kids could need a little adult help. That said, the cool finished product is worth the effort.