How To Make Your Own 'Star Wars' Opening Crawl, Because Of Course There's An App For That

Even someone who's never seen any of the Star Wars movies knows that they begin with a crawl setting up the film. Now, fans can create their own Star Wars opening crawl in yet another Star Wars: Force Awakens tie-in. You can get the app from and even write up your own iconic yellow font-ed prologue, complete with an episode number and title.

Even for a non-fan (did I just out myself?), it might be the coolest Star Wars related fun in the wake of the release of the newest installment last week. It's definitely more interesting than the social media tie-in from the NWA movie Straight Outta Compton that was released this summer where fans could use a selfie and "rep their hometown." That was lame. This taps into something unique about the Star Wars audience — creative, smart, and obsessed people, for the most part — so it feels more authentic all around.

You can just go to the website and click begin. Then click the "i" icon on the video player and it brings you to a simple screen where you can begin you creation. It starts, as always "in a galaxy far, far away," but from there you can make up your own Star Wars fan fiction, declare your love to someone, or just dramatically layout some sick song lyrics. It's up to you. Of course, there's the option to share it afterward, because, otherwise, what would be the point?

Here's an example of an extremely good use of this app:

There are tons of fan opening crawls floating around on Tumblr, too, for inspiration.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has grossed $248 million dollars in its opening weekend, which was about $10 million more than anticipated. Given the anticipation leading up to it, especially among dedicated Star Wars fans, it probably would have done that without all of the hype, tie-ins, and swag. But what fun would that be?