How To Make Your Pet An Influencer, Because TBH You're Trying To Make It Rain

There's one type of social media post I always love, and that's anything featuring a pet. Of course, some owners take this animal appeal to the next level and turn their pets into internet celebrities. Knowing how to make your pet an influencer is crucial if your cat or dog wants more followers, media attention, and possibly some cash deals. The next Lil BUB or Tibby The Corgi might be snoozing on your couch right now.

Like their human counterparts, pet influencers often have a large following on Instagram who can get sponsored posts, celebrity appearances, and even endorsement deals, as noted by Working With Dog. It isn't limited to Insta, though. Pets with a strong following on YouTube, or even a podcast, can also hold this appeal.

And before you laugh, realize that some pet influencers generate serious money. Boo the Pomeranian earns about $1 million a year, whereas Grumpy Cat has an estimated net worth of $100 million, as reported in HuffPost. All those profits from celebrity appearances and book deals add up.

Of course, monetizing the family pet on social media is not the easiest thing in the world. But in recent years plenty of people — and sometimes entire companies — have worked to turn everyday pets into social media megastars. Here's some simple tips you can take to give your pet's online influence a boost.


Maintain Tone & Consistency In Posts

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Whether you're running a company's ad campaign or your dog's Insta, content consistency is key. “Just like people, pet influencers are brands in and of themselves so they need to maintain the same voice and tone across everything they post,” said Casey Shea of Izea in Moneyish. For instance, Grumpy Cat's whole schtick focuses on his crabby expression and attitude, even when he's promoting the happiest place on earth.


Post Quality Photos & Content

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If you want to attract the attention of companies or dog talent scouts, then quality post content is key. “And we check to make sure the content is good—good quality photos, good quality videos, captions have something special to them, whether they’re witty, funny or heartwarming," said Loni Edwards, founder of The Dog Agency, in Girlboss. Use the best equipment you can get for those adorable photos and videos, and consider learning more about photography.


Tell A Story

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Sure, everyone loves a cute pet pic. But the back story still matters, too. "Backgrounds and personality shine over everything! While a cute pet may get an initial glance, compelling stories and a personality capture people’s hearts and make them come back for more," said Bryan Gold, the CEO & founder of #paid, in People. If your pet was rescued, for instance, be sure to mention this.


Post Frequently

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Keep your audience's attention. Posting frequently is necessary for audience engagement, as noted by Loni Edwards in ABC News. Make a schedule if you need to, and post every day, or every Thursday, or whatever works for you.


Use Hashtags

Make those trending terms work in your favor. Be sure to add hashtags to every post, and review similar accounts to see what hashtags they're using, as noted in the Los Angeles Times. Take special note of any pet-centric tags such as #NationalPuppyDay.



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Embrace the social side of social media. Mention your pet's Insta account to people in real life and online, as noted in Brit+Co. You can have fun with it and open up some awesomely silly conversations about your wonderful pet.


Promote Products

If you want to attract product sponsors in the future, start practicing promos now. Promote the products you already buy and love in your pet's media, as noted by Barkley & Pawsh. That beloved brand of cat food just might ask you to be a sponsor. Whatever the case, have fun managing your pet's online presence.