How To Masturbate After Having A Baby

After giving birth your body needs time to heal and jumping back into sex too quickly can mean unwanted complications and waves of burning pain. This is only made more annoying when you're feeling horny as hell. Instead of pouting about not being able to get busy with your partner, focus on how to masturbate after having a baby instead. This way, you can enjoy an orgasm without interfering with your body's natural healing process, and you get the best of both worlds: all the benefits of a satisfying O and no setbacks in your progress back to your old self.

But before you start getting handsy with yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind about masturbation, post delivery. If you had a vaginal birth you'll want to be particularly cautious about touching your vagina. As Mayo Clinic explained, if you had an episiotomy or vaginal tear during delivery, the vaginal area may be sore for weeks after giving birth to your baby. But even if you tearing wasn't a part of your delivery, your lady parts still needs some rest. "Even if your perineum was left intact during baby’s arrival, the area has still been stretched and bruised," according to What To Expect.

A delicate vagina, however, isn't enough to stop a woman on a mission. Your best bet for masturbating postpartum is proceed with caution. As Dr. Lauri Romanzi, a urogynecologist at Cornell University-New York Presbyterian Hospita,l told Redbook magazine, "you can definitely masturbate, but to prevent ripping any stitches around the vaginal opening, focus only on the clitoris." This means you should steer clear of inserting anything in the vaginal opening.

If you're bummed about solo sexual satisfaction, then uou can incorporate your partner in the act with mutual masturbation, as Self magazine suggested. Having a little side-by-side fun will help to hold you over until your body is ready for regular sex again.

As with many other things in your life, you bedroom activities will be effected by having a baby (at least for a while). But just because you've delivered a child doesn't mean you need to deny yourself the pleasure you're craving. As long as you're cautious and gentle, the end result will leave you smiling.