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How To Masturbate During Pregnancy

Pregnancy makes you crave more than cheeseburgers and avocado. As the trimesters tick by, moms-to-be may notice an increase in their sex drive and a desire to get it on. So you should indulge when the mood strikes, because once the baby arrives your time will be dedicated to feedings and diaper changes. In order to do that, you need to know how to masturbate during pregnancy without worrying about the baby. Forget the myths you've heard about the dangers of an O while you have a baby on board, and learn the facts about what your body can tolerate during pregnancy.

First, you need to know the status of your pregnancy. If you are coasting through with no complications, you are free to enjoy an active sex life up until you deliver, according to Parents magazine. Once you know you're in the safety zone — with no potential risks to your pregnancy — it is safe for you to masturbate as often as you like, as Healthline explained. The best part is, you don't have to give up any of your faves. As What To Expect explained, you are still able to use dildos and vibrators during pregnancy as long as you don't get too rough.

If you do choose to use sex toys when masturbating, make sure to keep them clean and sanitary to avoid vaginal infection which could increase the risk of an early delivery, according to Baby Center. And speaking of protecting the baby, you don't need to worry about harming your little one while having an O. Take a sigh of relief and know that orgasms poses no harm to fetuses, according to Cosmopolitan, and may even feel like a little massage according to magazine.

As an added bonus, your body is primed to respond in strong ways to sexual stimulation when pregnant. As Babble pointed out, the increased amount of blood flowing to your genitals and the extra hormones in your body make pregnancy orgasms more intense versions of the original. Additionally, pregnancy orgasms boost antibodies that fight colds and infections, which is not only good for you, but protects your baby as well, according to What To Expect. As if those benefits weren't enough, having an orgasm is a stress reliever due to the sweet adrenaline rush you get after, according to Parents magazine.

Unless you have a high risk pregnancy and have been warned against potential complications of sexual activity while pregnant, you can (literally) take matters into your own hands when it comes to your pleasure. Quench your racing libido by masturbating while pregnant and enjoy all the added benefits you're giving your body.