11 Expert Tips To Creating The Best Dating Profile

A few years ago, it was taboo to join a dating site or even entertain the prospect of doing so. No one wanted to admit that they met the love of their life online, so they'd create an alternate, more traditional story to explain their meeting. Now, finding love through sites such as Tinder, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, and Bumble is the norm. Since the world has finally given the thumbs up to online dating, knowing how to maximize your dating profile is very much needed.

Truthfully, I'm not a big fan of dating apps or sites. Though many of my friends have success stories, I just can't get behind hopping online to find love. That's not to say that I haven't tried it, but when I have, the relationship didn't last long. The anxiety that came along with having to actually reply to someone you found interesting just became way too much for me to deal with. But, for people who are totally into online dating, ensuring that your profile is in tip-top shape is the key way to nabbing that person you're patiently waiting to match with.

Need a few pointers on how to do that? These 11 tips will help you lock down your love the next time you get online.


Know Which Pictures To Post And Which To Throw Out

Maria Izaurralde of Right Swipe Pics tells Romper that straying away from bathroom and car pics — especially if they only focus on one physicality — would be a great way to maximize your profile's potential. "You may think you're hiding your flaw with this strategy, but to a discerning user, it arouses suspicion, and in very obvious cases, exposes insecurities," she says.


Be Careful What You List

Relationship expert David Bennett tells Romper that you should be careful of the things you list on your profile. "Things like 'I will like you for your dog,' 'I will love my kid more than you,' etc., are going to turn off serious, quality, inquiries and lead to matches from guys looking for hook-ups only or guys who are desperate," he explains.


Take A Variety Of Pictures

According to matchmaking and dating expert Stef Safran, taking a variety of pictures will help take your dating profile to the next level, too, as it helps show the different sides of your personality. "If you don't have someone to take good pictures of you, get professional pictures done," she tells Romper. Don't forget to switch them out every few months.


Use The Right Photos For The Right Dating Site

Since each dating site has a different feel and audience it appeals to, relationship advisor Rhonda Milrad suggest catering your photos to each site you join. "If you want to be a good fit for that site, think about what draws the people there and let your photos shine light on the aspects of yourself and your personality that the users would most likely be drawn to."


Ditch Your Pals

Bennett adds that you should avoid posting photos that include other people in them. Posting photos with other women in them can be confusing to sort through, and photos that show physical closeness with other guys tend to be a big turn off.


Step It Up A Notch

Relationship therapist Caroline Madden tells Romper that women should shouldn't look too frumpy or too sexy in the photos they post on their profile, as it is something that is a turnoff for men.


Be Aware Of What You Wear

Not sure if you should post that photo of you in a bikini or the one of you in jeans? Justin Lavelle of People Looker tells Romper that you should be very aware of what you wear in your photos for your profile as it creates a portrait of your personality. He suggests wearing black, as it is the most popular color to wear for both men and women , or opting for white, blue or grey.


Make A List

Owner of Expert Dating Online Gina Stewart tells Romper that profile creators should write in bullet points as opposed to paragraphs. Bullet points are more likely to get read in that section, while paragraphs will get read when you write stories.


Take Up Some Space

Lavelle also says that choosing an expansive pose (like one with your arms raised in a "V") is a good way to maximize your dating profile. Choosing an expansive position over a contractive position (one with your arms crossed), has been said to be more attractive due to the displayed open body language.


Add Some Fun Into Your Profile

Though creating a profile can be a little nerve wracking, Stewart says you should make your profile as fun as possible to let your potential suitors know that you aren't too stiff or stuck up. You can accomplish that by adding elements of trivia and games to engage with people or list some fun things that you like to do.


Be Thorough, But Don't Be Extra

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Wyatt Fisher tells Romper that being thorough on your profile is important for making your profile good because it is the first impression people will have of you. "If your answers are too brief, people may not be drawn in due to lack of sincerity," he explains.