The Best Way To Change Sex Positions Without Making It Awkward

In your fantasies, sex is probably graceful and sensual. But in reality, it's easy to feel a bit uncoordinated and even baffled by the physicality of sex. Luckily, learning how to move during sex so you don't interrupt the groove is all part of the fun. Rhythmic, slow, and sensual motions can bring a new dimension to your sexual encounters.

First, it's important to remember there is no right or wrong way to move during sex. Trying to live up to some idea of sexiness, while ignoring your own feelings, is not fun. Take time to experiment, find what feels good to your body and repeat (and repeat, and repeat.) Whether you're into gentle movements or something a little rougher, you have to do what feels best for you.

That said, a few tricks may enhance your sexual movements and overall pleasure. Rhythm is one thing to keep in mind. For some people, this is already second nature. If, however, you aren't a professional musician or dancer, then keeping the rhythm may take a bit of practice. But there's an easy remedy. According to Your Tango, you should put on some music during sex and let that bass guide your body. This will help you move steady, smooth, and on the beat. (If you need some help, there are plenty of sex playlists that you can turn on when the time is right.)

Sometimes switching from one position to another can create a break in the action. To keep the rhythm going, consider using sex moves that flow into one another naturally, as noted by the website for Women's Health. For instance, cowgirl can become reverse cowgirl with a simple sweep of the leg, and a seated position can segue into missionary by leaning back. You and your partner can experiment to find combo moves that suit your style.

Another tip: go slow. For instance, when you're on top, try to move your body forwards, backwards, and sideways in extreme slow motion, as noted in the website for Cosmopolitan. (This advice sounds like it's straight out of an R&B song, and I'm OK with that.) Gentle, undulating movements will help you figure out what feels good without tiring you out. Once you're in the right mindset, feel free to go faster — or even slower — from there.

Lastly, move in a way that feels sensual, whatever that means to you. Maybe you rock those hips like a belly dancer. Maybe you do a body roll. Maybe you just trace a hand down your partner's back. A little extra touch here and there can only enhance the overall experience. Now get out there and enjoy your body like never before.