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How To Rewatch The 'Love Actually' Sequel

by Megan Walsh

Red Nose Day is an annual fundraising event created by Comic Relief to provide aid to children living in poverty around the world. Every year brings its own special skits and events, but this year Red Nose Day comes with a long-awaited Love Actually reunion — particularly fitting because the film's writer-director Richard Curtis co-founded Comic Relief in the 1980s alongside comedian Lenny Henry. The 15-minute short film, called Red Nose Day Actually, premieres Thursday, May 25 on NBC. But in case you miss it — or you just need to see it again — you may be wondering how to rewatch the Love Actually sequel from Red Nose Day.

The Love Actually sequel is just one part of the Red Nose Day special, which will be hosted by Chris Hardwick; there will also be appearances by celebrities like Ben Affleck, Patrick Dempsey, Orlando Bloom, Julia Roberts, and the cast of This Is Us. But there's no denying that many fans will be the most excited by the Love Actually reunion, especially since it was 14 years in the making. Though the Red Nose Day special doesn't appear to be airing again after its initial premiere, the short is sure to be made available in a number of places so that fans can watch and rewatch to their hearts' content.


The most easily accessible place to find the short film is YouTube, probably on the official NBC account (though unofficially, fans are sure to upload it too). They've already posted trailers and sneak peeks in anticipation of the release, so it should only be a matter of time before the short is there, too.


Failing that, it's possible the short could be found on NBC's official site. Clips and episodes are generally made available there within a day of airing on television and can be watched for free.


The Love Actually reunion should also be available to stream on Hulu, along with the rest of the Red Nose Day special. They've already got an exclusive web clip up about the television event, so Love Actually 2 should be there shortly after airing.

The Love Actually sequel did already air in the U.K. in March, which is when their Red Nose Day is, though it doesn't seem to be accessible in full for U.S. viewers anywhere yet. Excited fans will just have to wait until it makes its debut on this side of the pond to catch it — but once it airs, there's nothing stopping you from watching it as many times as you want.