How To Safely Transition Baby From Bed Sharing To Bassinet

With all of the different sleeping arrangements out there, it's normal for families to switch between a few different methods before deciding what works best for them. In the beginning weeks of your baby's life, room sharing is the most convenient set up for most families. But like most things, even sleeping arrangements can look many different ways. If you're wondering how to safely transition baby from bed sharing to bassinet in your room, you're not alone.

Newborn sleep is unpredictable at best, other than the fact that they'll wake up frequently. Bed sharing is a convenient practice that, when safely practiced, can help mother and baby bond. And, if you're a breastfeeding mom, this sleeping arrangements can make nursing easier for both of them. But for whatever reason, you may be wanting to transition from bed sharing to a bassinet. The Sleep Lady noted that in some cases, your baby may not sleep well in your bed with you (or you and your partner may be getting no sleep while your baby snoozes in peace.) Or maybe you're just ready for a change. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to move your baby, since your baby will still be in the room with you, it shouldn't be a rough transition.

Heather Wissman/Fotolia

One of the easiest ways to make the transition is buy using a bassinet that doubles as a co-sleeper. These bassinets can be moved closet to your bed or attached to your mattress, meaning your baby is only an arm's length away. The Arm's Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet ($150) is a great option to make bassinet sleeping just as easy as co-sleeping.

However, if investing in a new co-sleeper bassinet isn't in the budget, you can still use a regular bassinet or cradle. Dr. Sears recommended a "nursing down" method for helping your baby learn to sleep separate from you. In this method, you'd nurse your baby before laying them down, then lay them in the bassinet. The "smooth continuum...from warm breast to warm bed" should help your baby feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

According to Baby Center, bassinets provide portability and an extra "cozy-factor" that cribs lack, so if you're ready to transition out of bed sharing but aren't ready to go straight to a crib, a bassinet may be the perfect choice for you.