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How To Set Up Your Changing Table To Make Diaper Changes A Breeze

It's no secret that babies tend to come with a lot of accessories. Some of those accessories are obviously necessary — like trustworthy and blankie-soft Pampers Swaddlers diapers — while others may feel more like little luxuries that make mundane tasks ever-so-slightly less mundane (I'm looking at you, baby wipe heaters!). But no matter what your baby product philosophy may be, it's worth knowing how to make sure you're getting the maximum benefit out of all of your essentials.

That's exactly why Romper has teamed up with Pampers Swaddlers to show you the most efficient way to set up your changing table to make diaper changes as quick and simple as possible. The best part? You can easily pull off this setup in a matter of minutes, since all it takes it a bit of strategic rearranging.

Read on to check out our favorite changing table setup tips, complete with expert tips on where to stash your most-used supplies, plus a couple of great must-have product recommendations:

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