How To Stop Your Kids From Overheating In The Car

Temperatures are on the rise, and with the summer heat comes the increasing danger of overheating in the car. Although it's easily preventable, children are especially at risk for overheating (even fatally) from simply being unattended in a hot car. Luckily, learning how to stop overheating in the car is fairly easy, and a skill set that all parents should have regardless of where they live.

According to Kids and Cars, children's bodies heat three to five times quicker than an adult's body, and heatstroke in cars can happen in outside temperatures as low as 60 degrees. Even if you're present in the car with your little one (as you should be — unattended kids in the car is the leading cause of heatstroke,) it's important to consider their body temperature, even when the car is running.

According to The Washington Post , an average of 37 children die in hot cars each year. In light of that sobering statistic, there is, thankfully, a host of new technology and insight into how to keep kids safe and cool in the car. These tips aren't rocket science, but they could mean the difference between safety and overheating as the temperatures continue to rise.


Get Your Windows Tinted Or Block The Sun

The Car Seat Lady suggested getting your car windows tinted to drastically lower temperatures in your car, even while you're driving. Similarly, buying a carseat cover or shade like the Maxi-Cosi Car Seat Shade ($30) from Amazon can keep them out of the hot sun.


Try The Noggle

The Noggle ($40,) despite its quirky name, is an ingenious product designed to direct air conditioning directly to the backseat using their safety tested fabric covered tubes.


Give Older Kids A Handheld Fan Or Spray Bottle

The aforementioned article from The Car Seat Lady suggested giving older kids a hand held fan to help keep them cool. The piece also suggested using spray bottles that, despite the potential mess, will help keep your kids cool on hot days.


Start Your Car In Advance

One of the easiest ways to keep the car at a safe temperature is to think ahead and start your car before you need to leave. Similar to how starting your car in the winter helps it warm up before you need to leave, starting it in the summer will at least make the temperature bearable before you drive off.