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Here's How To Stream The 2017 'Bachelorette' Finale

The final episode of Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette is upon us, and somehow it feels like it's taken longer than usual for a woman to find love on a TV show for me. All I know is that I need to find out who Rachel is going to choose the very moment it is revealed. If you are like me and appreciate instant gratification, you're going to need a way to watch the finale as it airs, even if you don't have immediate access to an actual literal television set, which is why I'm going to tell you how to stream the 2017 Bachelorette finale.

Her choices are down to cutie pie Eric, fan-favorite Peter with his salt and pepper hair, and Bryan, the guy from Miami with an unusually close relationship with his mother whose kissing style, to me, looks more like he's devouring an ice cream cone rather than expressing affection for the woman he loves. But hey, I'm just a writer on the other side of the television screen. If you can't make it home, not to worry, you've still got plenty of ways to watch Rachel's men get down on one knee and propose to her with a Neil Lane ring paid for by ABC.


The simplest way to stream the show live is with the ABC app. It's super simple to download and get started. Just go to the abc.go.com/apps, select your device, and download from there. Otherwise you can download the app directly from the app store on your device and boom, you're in business.

Streaming Services

There are now a few different ways to get cable TV through the internet, because we are living in the future and that is a wonderful thing. You can subscribe to Sling, with packages started at just $20 a month, and stream TV from wherever you are. You can also download similar products from Hulu, with their new service Hulu Live TV, or YouTube's YouTube TV.

Get Creative

If you don't have access to any of these, then you're going to have to get a little more creative. Borrow someone else's cable credentials to access the ABC app. Have a friend film the show on their phone and then live stream it to you on their Instagram stories. Or maybe just go visit that friend and watch it together.

However you decide to watch this finale, I expect to see you all on Twitter to help me work through my feelings.