How To Successfully Cover Your Dark Eye Circles With 9 Effortless Tips

With the hustle and bustle of the day, getting enough rest is becoming a thing of the past. As many women try to balance all the balls of life, the need to look as if a full night of rest and not be victim to dark eye circles, is higher than before. Knowing how to successfully cover your dark eye circles is one set of hacks that every woman needs to have in the bag.

Although I don't suffer from dark circles, many of my female friends very clearly suffer from them. Whether they came from staying up all night with a newborn or from running around attempting to accomplish their to-do list, finding a way to cover dark circles has been a challenge for many women over the years. When I asked my friends why they wanted to cover up their dark circles, most of them told me that it was a way to boost their confidence and make them feel young again. Though I think a woman is beautiful with or without dark eye circles, I get the need to feel a little better about your appearance. And if covering the bags give you that boost, then who am I to stop you.

If you're looking for a way to look less tired during your day, these nine tips will help you conceal dark eye circles with minimal effort.


Use Concealer

One of the most common ways to cover your dark eye circles has been with the use of concealer, and the Glamrs YouTube shows you how to correctly apply it.


Try Red Or Orange Lipstick

YouTuber Deepica Mutyala suggested using bright red or orange lipstick for this dark eye circle corrector hack.


Try Cool Tea Bag

Due to the caffeine located in green tea bags, the Glamrs YouTube suggested using cool green tea bags to help with the dark circles around your eyes.


Make Your Own Eye Pads

According to The, using frozen cucumbers eye pads will help eliminate dark circles because cucumber skin helps restore eye skin to a healthy state.


Give Caffeinated Eye Creams A Go

Products that include caffeine, like the Garnier Clearly Brighter Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller ($13), are great for removing dark circles.


Use A Retinaldehyde Cream

According to Allure, retinoid creams can be too harsh on the thin skin around your eyes, so using retinaldehyde inclusive creams, like Eau Thermale Avène YsthéAL Eye and Lip Contour Care ($40), is a gentler alternative to getting rid of your dark spots.


Apply A Frozen Spoon

YouTuber Mr. Kate reminded viewers that using the old school frozen spoon hack still works for removing dark spots because the cold feeling will depuff your eyes.


Prop Up Your Head While Sleeping noted that elevating your head while you sleep will reduce the amount of fluid that accumulates under your eyes.


Change Your Diet

Livestrong wrote that changing your diet by cutting down on salt and caffeine intake, and converting to a healthier lifestyle that includes more water, iron and vegetables, can help with reducing dark eye circles.