How To Support Marchers Going To Washington

While president-elect Donald Trump has had to search high and low to find people who will play at his inauguration, the events after Inauguration Day are proving to be much more interesting. On Jan. 21, the Women's March on Washington will be meeting near the U.S. Capitol. For those who want to help protect women's rights, here's how to support the marchers in Washington.

The March on Washington began because of the frustration many felt in the days following Trump's election. Many feel that Trump is a threat to women's rights, from his comments about grabbing women "by the p*ssy," to the fact that on Wednesday night the Senate voted against amendments to protect women's health care under the Affordable Care Act repeal, including coverage of contraceptives.

So the march means a lot to anyone who cares about women's rights in this country, and there are many ways to help. Volunteering for the march is a great way to help that doesn't involve spending money. Fortunately for the march organizers, so many people wanted to be involved that they are no longer accepting volunteer registration forms. If you have already signed up to be a volunteer, you should find out your volunteer assignment by Friday the 13th. If you didn't get the chance to volunteer, here are some other ways you can help:

Donate To The March On Washington

The official organizers behind the March on Washington are trying to raise $2 million to make the march as safe and successful as possible. So far, almost half of the goal has been met! The money is being raised to hire security, to pay for bus parking, and for Port-A-Potties, according to The New York Times. Those who want to help can donate online here, or if you prefer snail mail, you can send your donation to:

Women's March on Washington c/o The Gathering for Justice
310 43rd Street, 14th floor
New York, New York, 10036

Get Some Swag

You can support the march in style! The Women's March on Washington has official T-shirts on sale for $25, and the money goes back to support the march. Unfortunately, you won't be able to wear your shirt on the big day, since they won't ship until after.

Join A Sister March

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

According to the March on Washington website, there are 281 sister marches planned for Jan. 21 all over the country. The marches aren't run by the same organizers, so enter your zip code to find the march happening closest to you to see if you can still donate to them or volunteer for the big day.

Join The March On Social Media

If you are part of the march, tag your photos @womensmarch, the official Twitter page for the Women's March on Washington. You can also voice your opinions on why the march matters to you, regardless of whether you're there or not, by using the tag #WhyIMarch.

Show Your Solidarity

The most important thing those who support the Women's March on Washington can do is to unite. Some are concerned that the march will ignore the voices of marginalized women, especially black women. Others told The New York Times that they aren't sure if they want to join the march because they feel they may be unwelcome since they're white. The march is addressing many issues, from immigration to reproductive rights, and finding the balance is tough.

But what's more important than making sure any one issue takes the center stage is showing your solidarity for women's rights. Women in this country have voices that need to be heard, and this march is the time to do it. Instead of focusing on debating the importance of those damn pink pussycat hats, let's focus on demanding more for women from the Trump administration. We're going to need every voice we can get.