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How To Tell If It's Too Cold Outside For Your Baby

Sure, your idea of the perfect outing may include a stroll through the park on a chill, snowy day with your little one in tow. But when is it too cold out for your baby's comfort and well-being? Knowing how to tell if it's too cold outside for your baby can save you and your little one from a lot of chilly discomfort.

OK, sure, some babies in Sweden happily nap outdoors in sub-freezing temperatures, as reported by the BBC. But for infants who are not descended from Vikings, the cold can be bothersome. Sometimes, it's best to stay inside and keep your baby warm.

Although chilly weather may feel great to you, your baby is more susceptible to extreme temperature changes. In fact, babies are more prone to developing hypothermia than adults because of their small amount of fat and inability to shiver very much, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. So the brisk air you find refreshing may feel like an arctic blast to your little one. But for what it's worth, there is not a single temperature at which it's too cold to take your baby out, because you need to keep other factors such as wind chill and precipitation in mind. But in general, babies who are 6 months old or younger should not be taken out in freezing temperatures, or even non-freezing temps in which wind or rain are occurring, according to CNN. Anything more than a quick run to the car may be too much exposure for a baby that young.

If you do need to take your baby out on an exceptionally cold day, then there are some precautions you can take to make sure your little one stays warm. According to Baby Center, it's smart to dress your baby in lots of layers, such as a snowsuit, as well as a hat and mittens. You'll probably want to remove the outermost layer once you get to a warm car or building, so be prepared for a lot of dressing and undressing. But on the whole, some proper precautions can help your baby stay warm no matter the weather.