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7 SignsYou Need A Break From The Daily Grind

Breaks are an essential part of life. As great as it is to love your work and lifestyle, prioritizing occasional times to pause, slow down, and switch things up are essential to refresh and energize you. Learning how to tell if you need a break is a healthy habit to get into, so that you know when to pause before you burn out.

Whether you're a full time stay at home mom, working a 40 hour a week job, or doing a combination of the two, life can get exhausting and it's important to know when you need a little extra TLC.

A break doesn't have to be a full blown tropical vacation (though you won't hear me complaining about two weeks in the Bahamas.) It can be as simple as a weekend trip, or a day at home with wine and a good book. No matter the style of self-care you prefer knowing when you need it and making it a priority is one of the most important skills you can develop.

Very Well noted that self-care has important benefits for your mental, physical, and emotional health, and that neglecting it has similarly negative consequences. So, if one or all of these signs ring true, do yourself a favor and take that break you've been dreaming about for months.


Every Little Problem Feels Huge

You know those days where every little thing sets you off the edge? You spill your morning coffee, your kid throws the same tantrum 57 times, you can't find your favorite pair of shoes. When every little things seems to add to your stress, it may be time for a break. Health noted that sometimes the little things can add up to be the most stressful, so recognizing them for what they are is a step in the right direction.


You're Constantly Bored

When your everyday routine starts to feel overwhelmingly "normal," taking a break can be just the thing to refresh you. Getting away for a while, even just for a few days, can help you come back home with a renewed appreciation for your work and home life.


Your Body Is Backfiring

Stress doesn't only impact your mental health. According to the Mayo Clinic, if you're too stressed out, you'll start to notice the symptoms of stress on your body as well. Things like headache, back pain, low sex drive, stomach problems and more can all be signs that you need to take a break.


Your Sleep Isn't Restful

The Sleep Foundation noted that insomnia is a direct side effect of stress. If your sleep has you waking up less than rested or you're not really sleeping at all, taking a few days (or weeks) to focus on rest can work wonders.


You're Feeling Uncharacteristically Antisocial

When you start making excuses for ditching happy hour with your friends, or avoid date night with your SO, your stress might be affecting your relationships as well. One piece from New York Magazine called stress a poison to relationships, so if your stress starts to negatively impact those closest to you, it's time for a break.


You Dread Your Day To Day Routine

If you dread getting out of bed when the alarm clock goes off, you can either switch up your entire life plan, or reevaluate with a short break.


You're Not Taking Care Of Your Body

When you stop eating healthy, exercising regularly, and doing the necessary things to keep you sane and healthy, you probably need a break. The American Psychological Association named over-eating and loss of appetite among the top indicators that you're too stressed out.