How To Tell If Your Baby's Romper From Cracker Barrel Was Recalled

Summer family road trips often lead to pit-stops for lunch at Cracker Barrel. The restaurant's massive general store has everything from rock candy to cute clothing, but there's one item in particular that you'll want to avoid. Recently, a baby's romper from Cracker Barrel was reportedly recalled due to a potential choking hazard. If you've purchased one recently, here's how to tell if you have one of the recalled rompers and what you can do to return it to the manufacturer. Romper has reached out to Cracker Barrel as well as Fabri-Tech, the company responsible for manufacturing the clothing, and is awaiting a response.

Here's what you need to know: The Fabri-Tech infant rompers were sold at Cracker Barrel stores only. According to, an infant put a detached button from the romper in his mouth, but sustained no injuries from it. No additional incidents of this nature have been reported thus far. About 6,500 of the rompers exist nationwide, and were all sold for about $20 from April through July of this year.

Recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC), the red and white checkered romper features a picture of a toolbox on its front. The aforementioned, hazardous buttons are located on either shoulder strap. The rompers were sold in boys' sizes 6-9m, 12m, and 18m, the info "PO# 906512 PD 12/8/16" is also printed on the inside of the neck tag.

For a visual, you can also check out a photo of the recalled romper below:

Additionally, here's an image of the tag on the recalled rompers:

If you purchased one of the toolbox rompers this year, you can easily return it for a full refund in a couple of ways. Fabri-Tech's website urges consumers to "keep [the] garment away from children" and bring it to any Cracker Barrel location to be refunded. But, if your holiday is over and you won't be near a Cracker Barrel any time soon, you can also call Fabri-Tech at (800)-285-1295 or email them at to arrange your refund.

The item isn't particularly high-risk as of yet, but you can't be too careful when it comes to your little one's safety. So, either toss or return the item to keep your family out of a potentially hazardous situation.

But, if you still have your heart set on this toolbox romper, there are a couple of safer brands and options that you can try out. This customized Etsy romper is a pretty sweet choice, as is this little toolbox romper from Shades Kids. They're a bit more expensive than the ones Cracker Barrel sold, but they do come with embroidered names on the front instead.