How To Tell If Your H-E-B Baby Food Was Recalled

by Emily Lee

H-E-B announced that it has issued a recall of its H-E-B Baby Food two-pack 4 oz. cups product line. According to the company, the entire line of products has been taken off shelves as of Friday afternoon, as a precautionary move. The recall comes after a customer reported finding a small piece of rubber found inside a single container of one variety of the product, according to H-E-B officials. The company stresses that the recall is only being done out of an abundance of caution and that its products are still safe. Despite this, though, it's still important to check if your H-E-B baby food is part of the recall.

H-E-B is encouraging all of its customers that have recently purchased any H-E-B Baby food two-pack 4 oz. cups to return the product to their nearest H-E-B store for a full refund. The press release announcing recall said it affects all lots of only H-E-B Baby Food two-pack 4 oz. cups, including flavors such as baby banana passion fruit, green beans, and sweet potato. The full list of flavors, along with their UPC numbers, can be found on the Food and Drug Administration's site.

H-E-B has launched an investigation into the incident. The company is reportedly working with the manufacturer of its baby food products to "ensure all measures are being taken to ensure product safety," according to CBS DFW. The San Antonio based supermarket has not found any injuries or illnesses related to the baby food products so far. Officials believe the piece of rubber found by a customer in one of the two-pack 4 oz cups was an isolated incident.

H-E-B is going the extra mile and encouraging customers with any questions or concerns to call the H-E-B customer service line at 1-855-432-4438. Choking safety is a highly important issue for parents, so it's comforting when companies like H-E-B to take incidents like this as seriously as possible.

If you purchased any of the affected products, make sure you bring them back for your complete refund. It also doesn't hurt to double check all your children's packaged food before feed it to them — just to be safe.