How To Tell If Your Yankee Candle Was Included In The Recall

Whether you're a candle person 365 days of the year, or candles are your typical go-to gift for the holidays, it's important to note that the most prominent name in the business, Yankee Candle, has issued a voluntary recall. The recalled candles in question are part of the company's new Luminous Collection. Luckily, if you've purchased candles from the company recently, figuring out how to tell if your Yankee Candle was included in the recall isn't actually that difficult.

Update: In an email statement to Romper on Wednesday, a Yankee Candle spokesperson wrote, "... While there are no reported injuries, we have seen a small number of the ['Luminous Collection'] glass jars cracking when the candle is lit. As a precaution, we are requesting the immediate return of all Luminous Collection candles and will be offering consumers a full refund and complimentary candle of their choice for their inconvenience. It is important to note that the glass used in the Luminous Collection is hand blown from a new supplier, so consumers should feel confident using all other Yankee Candles not included in this safety notice."

Before you start sweating over visuals of exploding wax cylinders or toxic pillars of smoke, you should know that this recall was initiated over a quality issue, rather than a major emergency of any sort. According to a press release published by Yankee Candle last Thursday, the company ordered the recall following consumer feedback regarding the Luminous Collection; Apparently, the feedback indicated that when the candle is lit, the glass jar is susceptible to cracking.

"At Yankee Candle we pride ourselves on having the highest standards of quality," the release read. "Out of an abundance of caution and a firm commitment to safety, we have decided to request the immediate return of all Luminous Collection candles." The company added that potential cracking of the glass jar could pose "a possible laceration hazard." (Romper has reached out to Yankee Candle for additional comment on the recall and is awaiting a response.)

The candles affected by the recall are limited to six candles in the Luminous Collection. According to a recall summary listed on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website, the recall affects 31,000 candles sold between September and November this year. The candles were sold in stores nationwide (reportedly 300 of which ended up in Canada) and on the company's website for $35.

Below is a list of the six recalled candles with the respective item numbers and UPC codes; If you purchased any items from the Luminous Collection of late, you'll definitely want to check the label for the following stamps, ASAP:

Sea Salt & Coral; Item number: 1535651; UPC Code: 886860520823

Blackberry & Sage; Item number: 1535890; UPC Code: 886860520793

Apple Blossom & Melon; Item number: 1535891; UPC Code: 886860520786

Sugarcane & Honey; Item number: 1535892; UPC Code: 886860520816

Pine & Sandalwood; Item number: 1535893; UPC Code: 886860520809

Cinnamon & Cedar; Item number: 1535894; UPC Code: 886860574048

The recall summary published on the CPSC website states that no consumer injuries have been reported, though there has been 16 reports of the glass jar cracking.

The company is encouraging customers who bought candles from the Luminous Collection to return the candle to a Yankee Candle retail store for a full refund, as well as one free candle of the consumer's choice, for their trouble.

Customers can contact Yankee Candle's customer service at 877-803-6890 for more questions or concerns.