How To Treat Your Kid's Sunburn In 11 Easy Steps

Summer is in full swing, and if you have kids, you have probably gone through a few bottles of sunscreen already. But as hard as you try to protect your kid's skin from the sun, they may still wind up with a sunburn before the season is over. The pain and irritation caused by a sunburn can be uncomfortable for anyone, but for kids, it can be downright awful. Luckily, finding out how to treat your kid's sunburn is not as difficult as you may think.

Believe it or not, you may not have to look much further than your cupboards for a remedy for your kid's discomfort. Things like honey, aloe vera gel, and even oatmeal can give your little ones some pain relief and prevent infections while you wait for the skin to heal.

While you are treating the surface of the skin, it is also important to remember to make sure your child drinks plenty of water after spending time out in the sun. If they have been affected by sunburn, they are probably dehydrated, making it important for parents to replace the lost fluids.

Don't let the sun put a damper on your fun this summer. Keep your beach bag and your cupboards stocked with these helpful remedies and stay cool.


Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Parents suggested treating sunburned skin with aloe vera gel as a pain reliever and to speed up the healing process.

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Rub Honey On Affected Areas

It may be a little sticky, but according to the same Parents article honey will help burns heal faster and reduce the likelihood of an infection occurring.

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Dab On Witch Hazel

Anoter tip from Parents is to apply witch hazel to your child's burns to help ease pain and itching.

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Keep Them Out Of The Sun

If your kid is sunburned, find a shady spot to play. Johns Hopkins recommends keeping kids out of the sun until the skin has healed.


Drink Lots Of Water

The Skin Cancer Foundations' website suggested making sure your kids drink plenty of water after being sunburned, as dehydration is a common symptom.


Keep Skin Covered

When skin has been sunburned, blisters may form on the surface. Once the blisters open, Dr. Sears told Parenting to cover the skin with gauze for protection.


Wear Loose Clothing

According to Baby Center, dressing your child in loose clothing will protect their skin from irritation.


Try A Pain Reliever


Take A Cool Bath

The Skin Cancer Foundations' website suggested bathing kids in cool, clear water as a refreshing way to cool them down and ease their discomfort.


Add Oatmeal To The Bath

In his interview with Parenting, Dr. Sears suggested adding a cup of oatmeal to your child's bath to soothe uncomfortable skin.

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