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FYI, Here's How To Use Instagram Galleries

Just in case you were already getting a little worn out with Instagram Stories, the photo sharing app has a brand new feature to shake things up: Instagram Galleries. Wondering how to use Instagram Galleries, so you can start showing off your social-media savvy right away? It's actually pretty easy.

Instagram Galleries posts will show up in your newsfeed just like a regular post, so you won't have to go looking for them anywhere else on the screen, like Instagram Stories. But Gallery posts have three little grey dots under them — sort of like you might have already seen with some sponsored posts — so you can swipe through your friends' images.

Instagram allows users to upload up to ten photos to each gallery, which is more than enough. The only caveat is that videos can only be 60 seconds long and the pictures have to be square, unlike single photos, which can be zoomed out to show everything in a rectangle photo. This 60 second limit thing is good to know, since people have been getting a little of hand when it comes to time (you know who you are). Your friends won't be able to "like" single images in a gallery, they'll just get to like the whole package. Likewise, Galleries can only have one location tag and caption field.

When it comes to adding images, you just select them to add to the album, or "gallery." This is super good news for serial scrollers. Think about it: instead of having to plow through multiple pictures of your friend's vacation, they can be consolidated in one post. And it should alleviate some social media stress when you're trying to show off. You know when you post a picture from an event or something and then something awesome happens just after just you post a picture but you don't want to be *that* person who double or triple posts in a row on a Saturday night? No? ...Bueller?

Anyway, many people have been saying that this multi-post exhaustion happens all the time and Galleries is the perfect solution. Go ahead, post all 6 courses of your super fancy foodie meal. Or every selfie you took at the Beyoncé concert. With Galleries, there is no shame. We're all about this update.

With Galleries and Stories, Instagram seems to be headed the same way as its social media rivals, Facebook and Snapchat, in debuting shiny new updates to keep users loyal. Maybe once they get everyone hooked on Galleries, the app can start focusing on other features that users want as well, like an option to re-gram a post within the app. ...But one step at a time.