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Target Has A New "Drive Up" Service, So You Never Have To Get Out Of Your Car Again

It really doesn't matter who you are, where you live, or what you believe in, basically everyone in this great nation is helplessly in love with Target. The store's snack bar is always on point, most of its locations have a Starbucks, and the dollar section is actual decoration goals. But that's not all Target has to offer. Oh no. Now, the retail giant is offering its customers a new kind of perk — and parents everywhere are going to seriously love it. Target's new "Drive Up" service will make it so you literally never have to get out of your car. So, how can you use this incredible feature?

Well, it's only available in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area for now, but it seems fairly easy to use for those who have access to it. According to a company announcement, "Drive Up" is "a test service now available in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area that allows guests to have their orders brought out to their cars by a store team member." Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Although it's unclear when the curbside service will launch nationwide, it'll be incredibly easy to use once all Target shoppers have access to it. All customers will need to do is download the Target app, and then you're free to shop away.

"Through Drive Up, guests can shop nearly 200,000 eligible items — including home furnishings, toys, electronics, household essentials, non-perishable food, baby-care items and more," according to a Target press release.

While the "Drive Up" service is currently only available at 50 Target locations in its home state of Minnesota, customers who can use it, will have a fairly easy go at things. According to the press release:

After placing an order in the Target app and selecting “Drive Up,” Target will notify guests when the order is ready to be picked up. Guests hit the “I’m on My Way” button when they are en route to their store. They pull into designated parking spots out front, and soon a Target team member comes out to greet them with their order.

So really, the service seems to be pretty easy to use. And for parents everywhere, it could prove to be a real lifesaver. Sure, going to Target when you're alone or with other adults or friends is almost therapeutic, but it's a completely different story when you have to tote your kids around with you.

Imagine the simplicity: You go shopping on your phone — which you're probably already on — and just drive over to your local Target, where your items will be brought out directly to your car. No need to get the kids out of their car seats and then push around a heavy shopping cart while your toddler has a meltdown in the frozen section. It makes those complicated errands, well... not.

By offering this "Drive Up" service, Target is allowing customers to pick up items last-minute, with a relatively quick turnaround time. What's more, as The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported, "No minimum order is required and the service is free" — so "Drive Up" customers would likely be saving money compared to other options, such as Walmart's curbside grocery service that requires a minimum order of $30.

At the moment, there has been no official announcement regarding when "Drive Up" services might be available to customers outside of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. But, should it be a hit there, it's a pretty safe bet that parents everywhere likely will be on board with it.

Until then, though, Target lovers elsewhere will have to make the trip inside the store. But, really, isn't that half the fun?

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