How To Use The Peanut App For Making Mom Friends

If you're the only woman in your social circle with kids, it can get really isolating, really fast. And if you're an adult who's recently moved to a new area, you know how hard it can be to meet new people. But now there's hope: a new app called Peanut helps users make mom friends by swiping. It's like Tinder, only the disturbing photos of male genitalia are replaced with unsolicited diaper pics. It's also less confusing; users swipe up on profiles they like and down on those they don't, which is a lot more intuitive than a left-right motion, and easier to remember when you're sleep deprived.

Like Tinder, the app uses location to identify possible matches, and pulls photos from users' Facebook accounts to create a profile. Users are able to edit the photos on their profile, according to Scary Mommy. And although there is an option to include children's names, ages, and genders, it's not mandatory, so those who are uncomfortable sharing their kids' personal information don't have to. Age might be helpful if you're looking to set up a play date, but this app is for moms to meet other moms, not for strangers to swipe down on Kelsey, age 4, because she looks like a hot mess. Let's leave her out of this.

The app isn't about looks, of course, so users are also invited to choose up to three descriptors to showcase their personality, such as "Geek chic," "Dance machine," and "Fitness fiend." Some are even sillier, but there are also more serious ones, like "Neighborhood newbie," "Special needs," and "Single mama," groups that might benefit from a little extra help meeting new friends. The app also pulls users' occupations from Facebook, so nine-to-fivers and stay-at-home moms won't have to wrestle with incompatible schedules. Peanut co-founder Michelle Kennedy told TechCrunch that now more than ever, women feel a "need to connect with women who are like-minded and share your values."

Once users find a match, they can start chatting, and once they've assembled a digital girl gang, they can create a group chat in order to suggest a meetup, poll others for the best time, and then tap to add the event to their calendars. Best of all, every action in the app can be completed with one hand, which is a must for moms with babies. Users can download Peanut for free from the iTunes App Store. The app is not yet available on Android.