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Here's How To Watch 'Call Me By Your Name'

Out of the many films that have drummed up a ton of chatter in 2017, the one that has me most intrigued is Call Me by Your Name, already nominated for a few Golden Globes and a serious contender for the Oscars. But I haven't seen it yet. If you're like me, here is how to watch Call Me by Your Name so that by the time the awards do roll around, you'll be able to root for it (or not) properly, with all the information at your fingertips.

Call Me by Your Name is a coming-of-age story about the romantic relationship that develops between two young men during one unforgettable summer. Elio, played by Timothee Chalamet is 17 years old and lazily spending his summer at his family's 17th century villa. Oliver, played by Armie Hammer, is a 24-year-old graduate student working as an intern for Elio's eminent professor father. "Soon, Elio and Oliver discover a summer that will alter their lives forever," the synopsis reads. Personally, I feel like I have been hearing about this movie for the past 100 years, so I honestly can't believe I haven't seen it. The reason is most likely (definitely) the fact that I cannot yet stream it directly from my couch. I work from home most days, so I spend a lot of time on my couch.

The movie opened with a limited release on Nov. 24, 2017. This seems a little incredible, again, because at this point I can hardly remember what my life was like when people on the internet weren't telling me to go see Call Me by Your Name. The film performed extremely well during its limited release (probably because everybody can't stop talking about it). It earned, "$404,874 at four venues in Los Angeles and New York since its Friday launch for an impressive per-screen average of $101,219," according to Variety. The outlet went on to note that this was the best three-day limited opening in 2017, beating another buzzy Oscar contender, Lady Bird. The opening weekend numbers were, in fact, the highest since La La Land the previous December.

Unfortunately, the movie won't be nationwide until Jan. 19, according to a tweet from the film's official account. So it still looks like you'll have to hunt down your local theater to try and see it. Because I live in New York City, aside from the inconvenience of having to put on pants and leave my beloved couch, seeing this movie shouldn't be a huge problem. There is no shortage of arty theaters in this city, and it was the first place, along with Los Angeles, where it was released. For those of you who don't live in a city with as many arthouse theaters as there are people, you may have to hunt a little bit. But plenty of sites like Fandango will point you in the direction of your nearest theater, even if the theater doesn't sell tickets through the website. You can also check out GoWatchIt here, and find where it's playing. As they say, where there's a will, there's a way.

The 2018 Golden Globe Awards air on Sunday, Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. EST. This means that if you're trying to watch the movie before the awards ceremony, you had better hop-to. For a little background, Call Me by Your Name has been nominated for Best Motion Picture — Drama, and its two leads, Chalamet and Hammer, have both been nominated for Best Actor in a Drama (Chalamet for Best Lead Actor and Hammer for Best Supporting Actor). Because the Golden Globes are often seen as a predictor of the Academy Awards, it's a good bet that the film will be nominated again in the same categories come March.

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