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'Fleabag' Is The Comedy You Can't Miss — Here's How To Watch It

Hilarious, dark, and completely relatable, Fleabag comes from creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who picked up awards for writing and acting on Sunday night's Primetime Emmys. If you haven't seen it yet, and are wondering how to watch Fleabag, here's what you need to know.

The series comes from Amazon Studios, and is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. With a Prime subscription — which is $119 per year or $12.99 per month — not only will you get to watch Fleabag, you'll also get free two-day shipping on Amazon for the year. You can stream the show via Amazon's Prime Video website or the Prime Video app, which is available for Apple, Android, Roku, Firestick and most other streaming devices.

Once you're on Prime, you'll find two six-episode seasons of Fleabag. Each episode is between 20 and 30 minutes, so it shouldn't take you too long to finish both seasons. However, I promise you, once you're done watching, you'll wish they were much longer.

Steve Schofield/Amazon

So what is the show about? "Fleabag is a hilarious and poignant window into the mind of a dry-witted, sexual, angry, grief-riddled woman, as she hurls herself at modern living in London," according to the Amazon synopsis. "Award-winning playwright Phoebe Waller-Bridge writes and stars as Fleabag, an unfiltered woman trying to heal, while rejecting anyone who tries to help her and keeping up her bravado all along."

As of now, the series hasn't been renewed for a third season, and as reported by the BBC, Waller-Bridge said Season 2 would be likely be the last. "I have thought about it and there isn't going to be one," she said. "This is it — this is the final curtain."

But it looks like Amazon boss Jennifer Salke isn't ready to give up on the show so easily, according to TV Line. “Nothing would make us happier than to have her bring another season of that show, or anything else she wants to do,” she said at the Television Critics Association press tour this summer. “I mean, I’m forever the optimist, so I remain always hopeful until it’s really over. So I’m hoping. I just am, like, basically [Phoebe’s] stalker. Anything Phoebe wants to do, we are signed up to do.”

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Waller-Bridge explained why she isn't bringing Fleabag back anytime soon, but she also admitted she may revisit the idea in a few decades. "I feel like it's done, but I do have a fantasy of bringing her back when I'm, like, 45 or 50," Waller-Bridge teased. "She went on the biggest journey over the past two seasons, and she started as someone who sort of hated herself and ended up as someone believing that she could love again and forgive herself. I have to respect that arc and let her go and live for a bit."

If you're on the fence about Fleabag, I suggest watching the first few episodes to feel it out. I have no doubt Fleabag's hilarious side glances, and her completely raw and relatable life will have you hooked in no time.