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You Don't Have To Have Cable To Enjoy The Joys Of 'How High 2' — Seriously

In the original How High, Method Man and Redman introduced you to their stoner ways and made it relatable to the non-smokers in the most entertaining way possible. But way back in '01, life was simpler. If you wanted to see movie, you went to the theater or traveled to the local Blockbuster (RIP). Almost 20 years later, things have changed. With the sequel officially in the world, you need to know how to watch How High 2 without having to scour the internet for answers.

The easiest place to start would be your TV. If you have cable, How High 2 airs on MTV at 9 p.m. ET on Apr. 20. It will then air again on Apr. 21, and Apr. 27 at 3 a.m., respectively, if you want to DVR it. MTV also allows for you to log in through your TV provider and watch on your laptop. You know, in case you'd rather watch in a place your TV isn't. Same goes for an app you can download onto your phone, iPad, Roku, Apple TV, and all the other new technology I've forgotten to mention. With the premiere on a pot-smoker's favorite day — which is no coincidence, BTW — you want to be sure you know exactly when and where to watch. See? I've got you.

If you don't pay for a cable subscription, there's a wide variety of streaming services, as I'm sure you know. In case you haven't yet heard of Philo, it's one of the most comprehensive (40 channels) for the cheapest amount of money ($16/mo.). This is a complete cable channel service without all the other local and sports stuff. This includes MTV live stream, and if that's not enough, you can upgrade to more than 50 channels at just $20/mo. Plus, you can get a free 7-day trial to watch How High 2 and cancel if you hate it.

If that's not your thing, you may remember the Sling commercials featuring power couple, Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, asking randos to "sling." It's one of my favs. Sling offers two basic packages with at least 30 channels, on-demand and TV app access, each $25, but you can get them both for $40. Though right now those prices are even lower, so it's worth a check. If neither of those are doing it for you, Direct Now provides MTV and around 40 additional channels for $50/mo. You'll get local channels in some areas, HBO, TNT, ESPN, USA, and you can always upgrade to a bigger package. Direct Now also offers a free trial. That said, none of your usual suspects will air How High 2 at this point, so if it's a must-see, cross off Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime this time around.

With the fire cast lineup that includes rapper Lil Yachty and actor D.C. Young Fly (who are reminiscent of Method Man and Redman from way back when), you won't want to miss the sequel to How High. This version "chronicles two young 'potrepreneurs' on a magical hash-fueled journey to fund their on-demand munchies delivery start-up," Deadline reported. You'll even see a familiar face. Mike Epps — aka Baby Powder — returns to resurrect his unforgettable role. Though, don't expect to see a cameo from Method Man or Redman. "Yachty and DC have nothing to do with it,” Redman told The Grass Routes Podcast last year. “It was just all business. I look at it like this man — when one door closes, another one opens and that just leaves room for [me] and Meth to do a whole new movie."

As you can see, there are ways to watch How High 2 even if you don't have a traditional cable package. Between Philo, Sling, and Direct Now, your Apr. 20 just got a little sweeter.