How To Watch 'Love Actually' & Relive Every Magical Moment

It's December, which means it's perfectly acceptable to exclusively watch holiday movies all month. There are the older classics, like A Christmas Story and the million versions of A Christmas Carol, but there are also the new staples that fans watch every year. One is definitely Love Actually, a first in terms of movies with many intertwining love stories. And better yet, they all take place around Christmas, which is why you may be interested in knowing how to watch the 2003 film Love Actually, because the holiday season isn't complete without seeing blonde Keira Knightley or hearing those early 2000s jams in the soundtrack.

My first thought when watching anything these days, is whether it's on Netflix. So I did my due diligence and searched for Love Actually, but unfortunately, it's no longer on the streaming service (though, it is available from the service in DVD form... but does anyone even have that anymore?). It turns out that the film actually left Netflix back in October. This seems like a downright travesty, but when I typed it in, a plethora of other Christmas movies and romantic comedies came up... so I see Netflix is trying to fill in the void. So does this mean it could be found on Hulu instead? No such luck there either, and it isn't coming to Hulu at any point in December.

Don't fret, though; for those who just can't get through the holiday season without rewatching Love Actually, here's how to do it:

Stream It Online — For A Price

I know, I know — blame Netflix and Hulu, not me. While those platforms are not streaming Love Actually, there are plenty of services that will stream the film for a little change. You can rent Love Actually on YouTube, Amazon Video, Vudu, Google Play, and iTunes for around $3 or $4 (and a little more if you want HD as opposed to SD). There's even an option to buy the film from platforms like YouTube and iTunes for a slightly higher cost, for those who can't get enough of Love Actually (after all, Christmas movie season lasts all month, not just 24 hours).

Buy The DVD

Look forward to watching Love Actually every year? Want to hold the movie in your hands and protect it always (well, a disc with the movie on it at least)? It may be worth it to buy the DVD or BluRay from Amazon (or stop by your local Target). As archaic as they may seem in our world of Netflix and Alexa, there is something great about popping in a DVD and settling in for a movie. If one's tired of streaming, Love Actually DVD and chill is the way to go (it would also make a fun gift!). Snag it on Amazon for around $7, which is as much as renting it in HD costs.

Hold Out For TV Showings

'Tis the season for every cable channel to bombard viewers with Christmas films! TVGuide has made it incredibly easy to check local listings when Love Actually will be showing, if at all. Unfortunately, it is not part of Freeform's 25 Days Of Christmas, but don't worry, friends — I'm in the midst of writing a strongly-worded email to the network. Right now, my local stations aren't playing it in the next two weeks, but I'm keeping hope alive. December has only just begun.

Relive The Magic On YouTube

Ahh, yes. While one can pay for the entire film on the site, you can also watch a ton of Love Actually clips on YouTube for free. This is a great opportunity to see the greatest moments from the movie, including the Dancing Prime Minister (as above) and the iconic "to me you are perfect" scene. So go forth and get your Love Actually fix for the season, on YouTube or otherwise!

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